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So lately we've had major change in out lives and I've been thinking bout life. Is your life were you thought you'd be 5 or 10 years ago???

Ten years ago I thought by now I would be almost finished my law degree living a single fabulous life.

Five years ago I had quit school and left home then met the man I thought I'd spend forever with. I was engaged and wed started court proceedings for custody of his older children. I thought by now I would of been married been a stay at home mum studying and have 1 or 2 children as well as my 2 step children.

Well fast forward 2 today and its nothing like I thought it would be if you had told me by 23 I would have 1 child and full custody of a 13 and 14 year old, the man I was engaged to had decided drugs were more important than out family and sirviving would of been so hard I would of laughed as this is definitely not where I planned or thought I'd be.

So i'm interested is your where you thought you would be and have you done what you wanted like travel, kids career path etc
10 years ago - I was at school, planning to finish & then go onto uni (a local private uni in particular I was very interested in) and study Teaching, to become a high school english teacher - my all time FAVOURITE subject! I had no other thoughts and Ideas on my life, I cannot recall thinking about marriage/partners and children.

5 years ago - I was 20, I had dropped out of school ot 16/17 and began working full time (sales), A mother of 1 DD (she was under a yr at this stage), out of home with my Fiance' and planning our wedding (if we go by this exact date 5 yrs ago, it was only 3 days before my wedding day so I was very busy & Stressed)... I didnt imagine my life would take such a huge turn not long after we married..

Today - I am a 25 yr old mother of 2 (6 in August DD & A just turned 4 yr old DS), my husband and I have now bought and sold 2 properties (we are currently living and renovating the 2nd), we both work full time and I am NOT a high school english teacher (I never did go to uni, nor finish high school) - we run a successful family commercial communications installation business. My life is definatly different then what I first imagined, I wasnt never the 'mothering' type but I wouldnt change it for the world. We have complete freedom and independance, loving relantionship & a great family life.. We surround ourselves with great things and feel blessed... Sometimes, even though it doesnt go to plan.... it turns out wonderful

OH & in 3 short days I will be wishing my husband a Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary... Time flys when your in love smile

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

i'm sorry that things are tough at the moment. You have the power to make the crappy negative stuff into a positive tho & i'm sur that you can do it smile

We are no-where near where i thought that we would be even 5 years ago & i am 37 - so, 'should' have a relatively stable life plan going on... but, we are just not that sort of people.. we have a loose plan, you know, x amount of kids, want to retire by Y & buy a retirement home in Z suburb... but, that's it. We think that life is an adventure & it is only as adventurous as you make it. Someone told me once that life is like a book, some people read the first page, then are happy to skip to the end, others indulge in every page (that''s us) & make it into a 'choose your own adventure' book (if you know what they are)...

the only thing for me is that i would LOVE to travel MORE overseas - there is just so much i want to show my children, but we just cant afford to do it... I take solace in the fact that we have lived & travelled the entire of THIS country smile

so, look at the positives in the situation & choose your own adventure..

good luck hunni.
hmmmm.......well I try not to plan my life. More live each day and follow my heart. When I was a teenager my plan was move out, move to the hills and get a pig and a cow. I have done that. Actually without realising it I have actually recreated one of my favourite novels from when I was a kid. Took me 10 years to realise it though... Perhaps I have subconciously been following a path that I created when I was a child. Either way, I am now in my 30s and will continue to follow my dreams one step at a time.

I totally agree with Chilliwoman. You can turn your life into a positive. Just love and believe in yourself.
10 Years ago: Well, I was probably wondering what I'd get for christmas the following year and just being a silly kid tongue I was only 8! Shocking thought actually...

5 Years ago: I was starting to get depressed...Little did I know, I was in for some major emotional downs in the next several years :/ I planned on finishing high school though, although I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to become. All I knew is that I wanted to become a Mummy! I also planned on having a partner when I was older but marriage didn't appeal to me...

TODAY: I'm a single soon-to-be-mummy of a beautiful little girl and couldn't be happier. Just before I got pregnant, I was having extreme depression issues, but they slowly got better throughout the pregnancy just knowing what life I was being given. I have not completed my high-schooling, although I've worked since I was 15 and studied on-and-off. I came off drugs, stopped drinking and smoking once my two little lines popped up and I have no wish to go back to where I was previously. I have no faith, although sometimes I smile so much and feel like I need to thank someone, but I don't know who...
I love my life, and I love my baby daughter already smile

Good Luck to everyone with leaving the past behind but remembering the good times.
Embrace the present, but remember the future, and with every day try to appreciate one little thing, even if it's waking up in the morning.

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