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hmmm "Z" Lock Rss

ummmm.... both. But mostly zed.
If Im singing the alphabet song I say zee.
I say 'zee' when I'm saying the alphabet but 'zed' when I'm saying the letter by itself I have no idea why though lol smile
I live in New Zealand ~ how dumb does it sounds when you say N Zee? laugh laugh laugh N Zed sounds sooooo much better smile

I say 'zee'...zed is so aggressive lol!

DD has a toy that sings the ABC song and they say zed, it annoys the crap out of me - zed doesn't rhyme with 'vee'!!!

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I believe zee is the American pronunciation and zed the British. I've always said zed but remember even as a child getting confused when Sesame Street sang the alphabet song with a zee.


Zed... See sounds so horrible like hach or ach 'H' def the latter is proper English...
I say zed. I thought zee was the American way of saying it. DD is learning her sounds in school and they are taught zed too.
haha my question grin asked because when I moved to Aus from NZ everyone said Zee and it dove me insane and how Aussie's pronounce the letter 'h' it gives me a twitch, I always say 'ach' but people tend to say it 'haaaaych' ooh and 'castle' is another one, I say it with a somewhat silent 't' some people say it 'cast-tle' but meh, my grandmother was an English teacher wink and I spent a few months in the UK so I tend to speak a bit British tongue
I say zed
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