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my husband. Lock Rss

Thanks for reading. smile

Oh hugs chalys. I don't know any suggestions, at times my hubby can be the same, wanting this and that (such as a truck and header are the biggest items). Hope things can improve for you.
That's sounds alot like what I'm going through with DP. He wants a new dirtbike, car, road bike and he wants to get his 'shed car' completed.. I always have to be the bad guy and tell him we can't afford it, it makes me feel so crappy having to say no over and over again sad sorry I have no real advice though!
I'm no pyschiatrist, but he sounds clinically depressed. The 'great ideas' he is having is an escape from having to deal with the everyday. Impulsiveness is also a sign of depression quite often.

I'm sorry you have to see a loved one go through it. Sometimes I really think it's harder on those around you than the person that actually is suffering from it. It sounds like he (and you), have been through a lot in life and his reaction sounds pretty understandable. Men get PND too and a having to adjust to a new baby when you are already emotionally fragile is probably not easy for him.

No advise really, just to love and support him, he will need you soon. But you can't force him to do anything until he is ready. Just take a deep breath and wait. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.


Chalys I have no helping words, I'm sorry. Just wanted to say GBH.
It sounds to me like he's keeping busy to keep his mind off of something..
U might think this is stupid but, would it help if you were to show him your original post? Its not really negative to him in any way and it sounds like you have been fair in what you have said.. and he will perhaps be able to see what you see.?
Ooh op is gone lol...tongue
Let me know when youve read this and I'll delete it- otherwise it will make the op look obvious wink

sorry for all the deletes. Not sure that I'm so anonymous on here these days. smile

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