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whens your birthday? Lock Rss

We have the same birthday mumtwoboys! Mine is also the 16th of november! grin

Is it your birthday tomorrow?

If it is your birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday!!!!
Mines 19th of April, 1991, so I'm only 21.
Here's the key to the door, never been 21 before

Also a November baby here - 10th. I love November, the best month of the year - the days get longer, weather gets warmer, christmas is coming, the year is winding down, everyone is relaxing... I love it - though not so much now that I have spent 5 Novembers in Europe (approaching number 6) and every single one of them has been incredibly cold, rainy, dark and just plain miserable. DH's birthday is in April (the northern equivalent of November, and I am so jealous - can't wait until we move to Oz and the shoe is on the other foot wink ).

Happy birthday for tomorrow Thea. I can't believe you're only 19!

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

Happy birthday for tomorrow Thea!!!

November 4 for me grin

Happy birthday for tomorrow smile

My birthday is 10 January - I will be 30 next year! I'm getting old!!

Ah a fellow July gal! Happy Birthday for tomorrow T! Mines next Tuesday, the 24th. Don't tell anyone but i'll be 32 which seems way old sad i'm contemplating telling people i'm 42 with the aim that my ego is boosted when they tell me how young i look!!! grin grin grin

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

The way i figure, it's better to say i'm 42 and have people think wow she looks good for her age then say i'm 32 and have people think shit you've had a hard life! LMAO

PS: It makes more sense in my severely sleep deprived mind!

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Wow havnt been on her for a while!
Firstly happy birthday for tomorrow! Ahhh to be 19 again lol
My birthday is on 4th August il be 25 this year. smile

November seems to be a popular month! My DD was born on November 11

Happy birthday for tomorrow smile

Mine is 7th March, im 23

April fools day grin grin

Hi Isaiahs mum Happy Birthday have a great day

Mine is the 2nd August so coming up soon. I'll be 33 ouch! that seems so old!

Isaiahs mum - you seem heaps older than 19!

8 August - I'll be 29 this year
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