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Just wondering if anyone out there is on Yasmin?
I've been taking Levlen for about a year and had a check up the other day with my gyno. I mentioned to him my libido seems to have completely disappeared and could it be Levlen doing this. He said it is quite common because of the progesterone in it. Poor dh hasn't been happy lately as I just can't be bothered.
My gyno has told me to try Yasmin as it has a different kind of progesterone in it.
The problem is the cost. I just paid $75 for a 3 month supply compared to $14.00 for 4 months supply of Levlen. Apparently it's not on the pbs as the govt can't afford it. There is no generic version either. sad
I'm really hoping that this works for me before I end up going broke on this.
Has anyone else found that Yasmin improves their libido or am I just wasting my time and money?


Good luck. I didnt go on it because of the price. But I tried multiple different pills before I found the right one. I would try a different pill first.

I was on Yasmin a few years back before I had my kids and I found it really suited me. I had had problems with weight gain on other pills but found yasmin was good for me. It is expensive, but I found it had a lot less side effects than the cheaper ones and I certainly didn't have a problem with libido while I was on it.

I would say try it and see how you go smile
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