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Vinyl Wall/Window stickers - Anyone Used Them? Lock Rss

I bought mine from a shop and they came rolled up (kind of folded but without the crease, more of a roll). When we peeled them off the backing, they were all flimsy and went on to the wall just fine. smile Just make sure when you are putting them on the wall, rub them flat to the wall a few times and get any bubbles out. If you have painted recently, make sure its been at least 3 weeks since the painting.

I got rolled up ones too - they stuck just fine and look great. Enjoy!

I've put up 3 of them in my house, and they all came rolled up. The "stickablilty" wasn't effected at all. Post some pics when you're done! I love the way they brighten up a room smile

I suppose it's better to roll them than fold them! Imagine that! Creased stickers, great.

Yea, if you buy them online they always look massive in the pictures, but they're a lot smaller when you get them. What's a bit of false advertising in the greater scheme of things...

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