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what were you doing at 16? Lock Rss

i dont remember, it was too long ago.. haha
i will come back & answer you later - gotta drop some stuff off to DH at the mine site.. happy
I was living with my bf at his mums and pregnant so no partying or anything and I didn't really have interests? smile
wow 16 feels like ages ago. I was in year 11/12, in a relationship that started in year 9. I was very grounded, hardly ever drank or partied. I loved dancing and spending time with friends. I lived at home, but slept over at my boyfriends house a lot too. Didn't get my first job until I was 17.

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

hmmmm.... 16 hey

had a serious bf who was 19.
was living with my dad, still at school
casual waitress job
drank too much and partied too much (didnt think so at the time however lol)
had my first car, a sigma...had a mind of its own..seriously this car did some strange things lol
did alot of yoga, fire twirling, art and drama, camped alot too

i was a mild pain the arse but i dont think i was too bad as far as teens go smile
was working going to school had older bf who was baker lots of drinking and lots of parties
I was in year 11/12, wanting very much to graduate so that i could go to uni and study nursing. I was looking forward to our year 12 trip to Canberra, and then later that year a 4 month holiday to Canada with my best friend. I had a part time job at Woolies on the checkout. Had no bf, no license, lived with my family still... Amazing how much has changed in 7 years!

wow...about 10 years ago give or take...
I was pretty well behaved actually, just starting to party and drink - generally with the 'older boys'
was at school - boarding - but home most weekends
played netball
had a boyfriend and both of us thought it was serious
new what I wanted to do after school and was planning that (degree course)

hmm, makes you think. such simple times but took it all so seriously!
Wow this is 10years ago for me sad

I was in year 10 at school- was on the school council, and was also on the school touch football team.
I worked part time at KFC had made heaps of friends there. Closer to my 17th birthday I got my first serious BF who was 18.

I occassionly had a drink at parties but nothing major. I still had my 'V' plates as I was in no rush.

I really gave my mum no cause for concern- I hope my dd and DS are the same!

Hmm... 16 I had left school, had my 1st and 2nd serious bf's, 1st bf cheated on me, numerous speeding tickets, bought my first car (nissan silvia), hated authority, lost all my school mates ( back stabbing bitches), started my mechanical apprenticeship...Age 16 was a hard time for me
My how far i have come... smile
I was an insecure stupid person. Lol
I worked at a cafe after school for $5 an hour, eventually got a raise to $8 an hour! Lol
I also worked for my parents delivering spring water at times which earned me good money so I bought my first car - a brown 1985 Holden Astra. It was a piece of snot but I loved it and spent many hours driving it around. Spent many weekends sneaking out of the house to go to parties unknown to my parents. And I had a boyfriend that my parents hated me having because he was too old for me. He's now my hubby. Lol
He was living in Alice springs a looong way from me so we used to spend hours on the phone... Usually about 2 hours every night. Sheesh!

I was an angel at that age compared to some of you guys eh? In my sixteenth year I was in year 11 at a girls private school. Just started hanging out with a 'cooloer' crowd. So was going to parties, etc... Drinking very poorly, spewed a lot, my poor friends... But I also worked every second weekend at an aged care home, and a year and a half before, my brother almost killed himself in a car accident. So we were all still helping to nurse him back to health. Quite substantial injuries. My parents were always ver firey and open with our financial position, so was stressed that my Dad had lost his business, was having an apparant breakdown (though not acknowledging it), and my Mum was just going beserk at everyone around her. I felt the need to hold it together for all of those around me.
Had my first kiss (and many more), then my first 'love' who was 5 years older and my brothers best mate... Known him since I was 8 or 9. We dated for four years. Just saw him again recently (as I seperated from my husband in Jan), he still seemed hung up on it all. Said "you broke my heart", and "I wonder what would've happened if we never broke up?". Man it was 14 years ago...
BTW cute pic of you and Isaiah, nice to see people's faces.
Hmmm i think i was in year 10 but would have been just starting year 11 as my b'day is towards the end of the year! Had been working at woolies part time between school since i was 14 and 9 months! i loved working and saved up all my money from every pay day (except twice to buy concert tickets) i had my own car a little charade! It was a junk box, but i still love that car to this day!! I had a very tight group of friends and we werent in to the whole party scene we had a different idea of fun! I didnt have my first sip of alcohol until the day of my 18th birthday! Had my first love at 18 too!! we dated for a few years until i met my hubby!
Wow, seems like so long ago but it was a fun time!!!

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