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School canteen and lunches.... Lock Rss

My DD (8) takes her lunch every day. She is in Year 3 now and I think has ordered from the canteen maybe 5 times. They have a good range of healthy options plus not so healthy, but she prefers a home packed lunch so i'm happy with that. Hoping DD2 (3) will be the same once she starts school. When I was in primary school, we were allowed to have a lunch order every Friday or 2nd Friday. At high school we were given money to take as well as lunch, usualy the lunch didnt get eaten and the money got spent on not so healthy options. Mind you the canteen back then didnt ahve the options that my daughters school canteen has today.

My daughter is in year 1 and last year and this year she has had a total of 4 lunch orders. I find that she does not always eat her lunch so I'm not paying for her to not eat something. If she does not eat all her lunch at school she does eat it for afternoon tea. Can't see her having a cold pie or cold noodles for afternoon tea. She is happy at the moment with that. Sure that it will change as she get older. She does get $2 each week to spend at the canteen on whatever she wants.

When I was at school in primary I uses to take my lunch most day and have the odd lunch order. In high school I had more lunch orders or just bought something. In upper high school I was working and lunch was up to me. I used to have heaps of junk food then it changed and I started to have salad rolls.

School canteen have changed alot since I went to school. We didn't have lollies etc and all the junk that they have now.

i have 2 different scenarios as my children go to different schools
DS - has always had a lunch order. I find it much cheaper to buy it at the school canteen than make it myself... he can buy a chicken/salad sandwich for $3.00 - so $15 per week. to me, not having the hassel of having to buy/cook chicken & then make it every day is worht it to me... He packs his own recess/snacks as he is in high school, so more than capable. He has been having canteen lunch ever since he started school.

DD - on the ohter hand, her school has NO canteen, so there is no option but to make her lunch every day. Even if there was a canteen i would still make it casue she will ONLY eat a jam sandwich with NO butter & the crusts cut off.... LOL she only likes a particular brand of jam. she is a right PITA.

When i was a kid, we got 1 canteen lunch a week & 50c a week to spend on lollies or whatever (no such thing as healthy canteens when i was a kid). I dont think it has influenced our decision to give canteen lunch everyday, we do it out of the convenience smile
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