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Just wondering if any of you ladies drink raw milk? and what you think and what you pay smile

I did as a child, parents are dairy farmers. Still would if lived close enough to get some off them, or close enough to somewhere that had some to sell. I think it's great stuff! All our family were very rarely sick - whether it had anything to do with the milk we drank, or the lifestyle we had being outside on the farm all the time I don't know, but I'd be happy to pay for it!
Tigress'n'Cub wrote:
Might be a stupid question, but what is raw milk exactly please? Have not heard of it.

My understanding of it is milk that is not pastuerised (had anything done to it in the factory) - so milk straight from the cow.
Yes sorry raw milk is straight from the cow. its not pasturised or homogonised or anything.

Yep, I drink raw milk and get it straight from the farmer. $4 for 2L.
My heifer is 3 months off calving and then I will have my own jersey milk! whoohoo! Then it will be free!
what do I think.....I think its lovely! and ohhhhh the cream mmmmm..... I also make butter out of it.
Tigress'n'Cub wrote:
Axiom wrote:
I'm pretty sure it's actually illegal to sell unpasteurised milk in Australia (for human consumption)

You are correct Axiom. A licence is required for anyone to sell milk. After I posted the question asking what it was, I asked DH about raw milk when he came home & where can we buy some from, as he used to work for a dairy farmer. He said it is totally illegal to sell it to anyone without a licence.

The people I know who sell raw milk actually barter it, to get around the law

Usually its part of a cow share although some places sell it it for cosmetic or animal use. I think Cleopatras bath milk is sold this way in NSW?

With a cow share you pay a percent to cover buying the cow, maintenance etc and then you pay x amount for how ever many litres you negotiate. (it depends on how many are involved) Usually you are allocated x amount of L and if you want more you buy more shares.

You can now buy imported Raw cheeses from France as well, they just need to be labelled clearly.
OC1246 wrote:
Usually its part of a cow share although some places sell it it for cosmetic or animal use. I think Cleopatras bath milk is sold this way in NSW?.

Cleopatra's are based in QLD and they do have milk taken down to sydney, they also have some taken across to Perth and it gets sold at markets. Their milk is pure jersey milk, so alot richer and creamier than friesian milk (but both are still good!).

To get around the rules and regulations regarding selling milk - Cleopatra's Bath Milk has to clearly label not for human consumption, although I think most drink it. The farm that produces the milk once sold it as pet milk but the QLD court changed the rule that all pet milk (fresh) must also be pastuerised to stop people drinking their unpasteurised "pet milk!". So they changed it to Cleopatra's Bath Milk.
mmmmm lovely..... thanks!
I went to bed all infuriated about this again last night...

What really gets me is that the tiny percent of people who want to drink raw milk are treated like they have no idea about anything and the small farmers who care about what they do and want to make a living are treated like drug dealers.

The government care so much about my health that they ban raw milk rather then making it safer, yet I can only buy affordable food that is grown and stored using chemicals that cause health issues and I can smoke or be exposed to smoke which pretty much guarantees major health issues for me and those around me for years to come. We use chemicals in our foods that are banned in other countries....

I will trust the government with my health, when they find the really basic stuff important enough to do something about it.
Yeah, I know it is illegal, too. But of course, if you really want some, there are ways you can do. MOH, do you really need to drink raw milk anyway? tongue

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

I only buy unhomogonised milk from local producers if I don't have raw. Pasturisation also detroys all the good bits in the milk too and also detroys the enzymes that help digest the milk. Thats why some people can't drink pasturised cows milk but are totally fine with raw milk.
Sure there is a risk, but their udders aren't that close to their bum. Same end, but very different places. Everything should be washed and sanitised first (including the udder) and you would be hard pressed to get faeces in the milk in the space between washing the udder and hooking up the milking machine. You are talking a space of about 3 seconds.....
They started pasturising it because the dairies were in cities. The cows were in very unhygienic conditions. It was easier to pasturise then to have a clean dairy. In other places where raw milk is legal, there are rigorous safety standards, ongoing testing etc. There is no reason why we couldn't do something similar.

The raw milk laws are not so much to protect the consumer, but to protect the large dairy corporations. wink

If the government are serious about raw milk being dangerous, it makes no sense that they lifted the ban on importing raw cheese. Roquefort is made in the Alps in France with milk coming from small family dairies no different then what we have here. Why is their raw milk ok and ours not? They certainly have a lot more control over the safety standards here.

We just need rigorous safety standards for the dairies, regular testing and the people buying it just need to be aware that there is a risk. A small risk, but a risk all the same. It was made illegal to sell raw milk in 2003, I can't think of any major food poisoning issues from raw milk that have cropped up in my memory anyway. I can certainly remember the Garibaldi incident though.

Really though, I would rather take the small risk of drinking raw milk from a dairy I know or from my own cow. Where the cows and calves are looked after and treated properly, where you know how clean it is and how they clean it. I would much rather do this, then support an industry where their aim is to make animals produce as much milk as possible (and their aim is to increase it) from as few cows as possible. Where the hygiene isn't as important, because they are just going to kill the bacteria anyway. The milk that is sold in shops is so far from the original product its ridiculous.

And don't laugh at my rant!! This is a proper stamping my feet tirade!!!!

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