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Just a quick question... my nana has taken in her son's ex partner and daughter...and now my nana is being taken advantage of she is paying all the bills and food... the Ex gets just over 1100 a month child support and what ever centrelink gives her, she has just told my nan she cant look for a home cause she cant afford...she doesnt have normal bills except for her ph.. my question is would she be getting enough from centrelink to move out. she has an excuse about getting a job too

Gee what a nice nan you have to take her son's ex in. I would be ensuring that she is not getting any financial support for living alone (b/c she is not living alone), she is being financially supported by your nan.

I agree your man should be asking to pay rent/board or half the bills.

Im a single mother who luckily enough live's back home with my parants. A rough ball park of centrelink entitlements IF she get's them
Single parant: $650
Family tax A : $160
Family tax B : $140

That's here in victoria im not sure if it like that were you are, but i know that i deffenatly wouldn't be able to live on my own.
But like you said if she gets just over $1000 a month child support, she's probly getting roughly a full time's job pay a fortnight anyway, so from her perspective it's not worth her getting a job.

Your nan has to turn around and set some ground rules. She has to help out with food/Bill's.

Also she would probly get Rent assistance if she moved into her own place from centrellink anyway, plusthere are places that actually pay your bond for you. There's deffenitly way's around it if she was serious in looking.
Well yes she probably could afford to move out - she is also a single mother and I think that centrelink can help out with finding a home for people in that situation. (But as Happy Head said, you would be knocked back a lot of times if you didn't seek centrelink's help).

The welfare payments given ensure that you can afford the basics, but this is not necessarily a very comfortable way of living.

She probably just doesn't want to live in poverty (who would?!).

Maybe she doesn't realise she needs to chip in at your nan's place, is she young? Has your nan said anything? She may just be coasting along in a comfortable place not realising your nan needs financial help. She could apply for a Department of Housing property?
thank you for your replies....I just hate seeing a 76 yr old being taken advantage off....the Ex buys off ebay and shops all the time..I guess my nan is going to have to be tougher and set new ground rules for her....
My nan has no life saving so she only gets what centrelink gives her...I just see my nan getting more frail with the stress....

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