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Hi smile im trying to branch out in what we eat but also make big nutritional improvements. I have a few questions as its all pretty overwhelming and I was raised on the normal healthy ie. salad roll for lunch, meat & 3 veg for dinner but I'm looking into smoothies, vegie juice and herbal tea type thing lol

So questions are- I know nuts should be included in this so how much? A handful a day?

Herbal teas and vegie juice don't taste nice to me at all lol to the people that have these things did you like them straight away or can I "learn" to like them? I'm trying a chamomile and lemon tea right now and while I don't hate it it's just not nice like a coffee tongue

Where should I start in this big change cos I know it will take time? I was thinking fruit smoothie for breakfast with fish oil? (I've taken fish oil in the past and it worked wonders smile ).

Also what do you eat for lunch when trying this healthy lifestyle? What's an alternative to bread?

And do you have any unusual nutritional recipes for dinner I could try?

Prob a weird post but I need help, I've been doing my research but thought I'd ask here too. This is not to lose weight or a diet just something to broaden mine and my kids horizons when it comes to eating, cooking and looking after ourselves wink

Hey TallulahBelle - this is great - good for you smile Ive also done a bit of research on this...

Only a handfull of nuts a day - walnuts are the best apparently

I learnt to like vegie juice - if you add a sweet fruit like apples it helps a lot

Same with herbal teas - i have green tea as its soooo good for you, but i add a bit of honey to take the bitterness out.

I have ri-vitas in place of bread - they are wholegrain/multigrain and quite tasty

Try stir frys for dinner - here is a great recipe, i add way more vegies to mine like brocoli:

Also try changing to wholemeal pasta and brown rice...

A lot of it is mind over matter. Tell yourself you LOVE it (even if you secretly dont) and you will eventually learn to smile I did that with mushrooms, avocardo and brown rice.

I hope i helped smile
Thank you- that is a huge help! I just need somewhere to start, you know? That stir fry looks awesome! Will be getting those ingredients and ry vitas next shop and love the tip about wholeMeal pasta and brown rice - so simple! Thank you smile

Thanks girls- awesome tips! Wow KH mum - heaps of smoothie recipes there! My little dazzler- didn't know about the sugar hmm have to do more research lol thank you smile

I cook a lot of stirfrys, these ladies have covered most of it but thought Id add that I put in bok choy near the end of cooking, and then when cooking is finished I add a whole heap of fresh spinach. If you let it sit a minute it softens it - but you don't want to cook it and make it slimy.

Anything that's green & leafy has so many Health benefits! Celery in your juices is another good one.

I eat way better too like changing to brown rice with stir fries and cutting out pasta and snacking on fruit and having fruit for desert after dinner. Also they say 21 almonds a day attacks belly fat I only have known this a short while but am intrigued so I got some this week.

Also I have been doing aqua aerobics during the week and find it awesome hey

Also , chamomile tea with milk & honey. It sounds weird but it's delicious. I'm not much of a herbal tea drinker but that one is yum. Im not a fan of green tea at all, just never liked it. Then I discovered the green tea with lemon one, might be Lipton brand I think. I still don't absolutely love it but it makes it pleasant enough. smile

Green tea is a diuretic so I don't drink it at the moment with breast feeding, but when I did it made me pee like a trooper and my number 2's were a lot more frequent. Sorry tmi but just a warning not to have too many of them in a day! Lol
It does help you lose weight though, I think mainly fluid loss as it really got rid of all bloating for me.

Check the sugar content of things as well as you will be surprised how many things have added sugar.
Fruit teas tend to have sugar added and even wraps (tortillas) have a fair bit of sugar. Some low fat yoghurts have more added sugar than the full fat versions.

Basically fresh whole foods are the way to go, natural and unprocessed.

The others have covered pretty much everything else.

Carrot & celery juice is my fave, throw in an orange for vitamin c boost, yummo!
I don't believe in cutting out carbs as they have their place just like proteins, fats etc but try to opt for low gi nonwhite carbs so obviously brown rice over white, wholemeal/grain/brown breads over white, sweet potato over normal potato etc.

I'm not a big fan of herbal/green tea but find they're best drunk hot, once they start to cool the yuckiness increases! I guess if you drink enough you get used to the taste. I used to have sugar with normal tea but gradually cut it down to none, now i can't stomach sweet tea!

A great alternative to mashed potato is pureed or mashed canellini beans (I just use canned), add a touch of garlic, a bit of chopped parsley = yum! One of my fave lunches for DD and I is cooked brown rice, add a small tin of salmon (can be flavoured if you prefer), diced tomato and a handful of baby spinach. Healthy, tastes good and filling without the bloat! A great snack instead of nuts is roasted chickpeas; drain/rinse, a touch of olive oil and either cajun or morrocan spice mix lay out on a tray and bake till slightly crunchy.

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

You could replace your usual bread with sprouted grain bread. Low GI, low fat, salt etc.
I've been trying to improve my diet in the last few days too smile I've been terrible for the last month & basically all I was having during the day was coffee, junk snacks & then dinner. My skin is terrible now, all dry & my excema has flared up something shocking sad

I've been making myself fruit smoothies for brekky as I find it so much easier to sip on a smoothie while getting the kids ready rather than sitting down to toast or cereal. My favourite is....

1x cup of mixed berries
3/4 cup of natural yoghurt
1x cup milk
Drizzle of honey

I've also been having sandwiches with mixed grain & a thick layer of avocado rather than margarine. I only have 1 coffee during the day & I'm drinking 2 green teas a day (my favourites the plain one from Twinings)

I have 5x flaxeed oil tablets per day, I find these work better for my dry skin & they don't have that awful fishy after taste.
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