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For my first 2 we chose 2 names so we would have a back up if the name we liked the most didn't fit lol DDs name was chosen a few days before she was born and DS was chosen a few weeks before he was born.

I'm 19wks pregnant and we found out yesterday we are having a girl and we've already picked her name, just need to find a back up lol

I had DS's picked at 14wks cos I had a feeling he was a Boy... DD's was picked at 13wks smile
This time I already know my 2 first names for boy or girl and I'm only 10.5wks. Siobhan for a girl and Ciaràn for a boy! Both Irish like my DS and DD's names wink

I always had my boy and girl name picked out for my first since I was a teenager, DD2 we decided at 36 weeks I think (did decide on a name earlier then changed it), #3 about 20/21 weeks I think after I found out he was a boy

While we had thought of names, nothing was completly settled on until my ds was born. Im 18 weeks pregnant now and the thought of names is so overwelming i just cant even think of it! Ive looked a bit through my baby names book but havent got past "B" names yet. Just too much for me to think about grin

Early on in my pregnancy we were watching a show where the character was pregnant. Jokingly I told my partner that if our babies were the same sex we would name our child whatever she named hers. He agreed.
She had a girl. At 18 weeks we found out we too were having a girl. She got her name there and then- thank god it was a nice one! no deciding, no short lists, done and dusted at 18 weeks!
Haven't picked a middle name yet, 4 weeks to go!
I'll have to have a good think about this one.

I'm pretty sure with DS I was around the 20wk mark when we chose his name, but were still pretty undecided about a girls name even while in labour (we had one, but neither of us really liked it all that much).

With DD1 it would have been after 20wks but before 30wks, that we'd chosen both a boys and girls name.

And with DD2 we'd decided on her name somewhere between 25 & 30wks, and it took us until somewhere between the 30 & 35wk mark to choose a boys name.
My first son we changed our minds at least 4 times and i was about 28 weeks when we knew we loved his name.

Second son i was 20 weeks, we knew fast that we loved his name and i didn't want to change it.

32 days after the birth, we couldn't I think you can have 60 days after the birth so take your time, they do have to love with it for life!
After i had my 20 week scan and i new what the sex was i was tossing up between a few name's. By 30 week's i came across this girl's name and i fell in love with it, it was close to mine also which i loved. Never changed it and when she was born it deffently suited her. smile smile
I had a girls name picked out from about 16 weeks... A boy I just couldn't decide. I found out I was having a girl at 19 weeks so luckily I didn't need a name for a boy smile
Well, I'm 33 weeks and we're still very undecided about a name. I wish someone else could name this child! Boys names are so hard!

I had a list of 10 girl and 10 boys name that I hated once DD was born... she ended up being named after 2weeks+ of me calling her No Frills and Homebrand. This time around I hate all names from the get go so god help me there! hehehe
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