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How many 'best friends' do you have? Lock Rss

It seems a lot of you regard your mums as best friends - that's so nice. I've never had a relationship like that with my mum, she'd have no idea what goes on in my mind, what I'm really feeling about things, or what my hopes and dreams might be. It's just never been that way for us.

I really hope that my kids will see me as one of their close friends as they get older - I'm hoping to keep all lines of communication open to them so they feel they can talk about anything and everything with me.
I have one really close friend that I can talk to about pretty much anything, we worked together, went overseas together, lived together for a while, got engaged/married around the same time so completely in the same head space. Then there are probably 5 or 6 girls on the same level that I will talk pretty openly too but not the same as my other friend.

Used to talk to mum about pretty much everything but now I am married that has sort of changed, still have a great relationship with her but I guess it is a bit different now.

Hi I have one lifelong best friend (our familys are good friends). She lives in QLd so don't see her very often but when we do it's so fun. Our DS are 10 days apart (it's funny she rang to tell me she was preg and then I said guess what....I'm too!)

I have another best friend from my mothers group - we are able to talk about anything. And another friend from mothers group is pretty close too. (THe 3 of us often catch up)

The friendships are both totally different though. With my friend from mothers group it does feel like we've known each other ages even though it's only been 2 years.

I have 1 best friend but 2 very close other friends. Love them dearly smile
I have one I've been friends with for 22 years and we don't get to catch up often as I now live in another state.
none, lots of people I am friendly with, 1 good friend who I dont really see often but no one who is my best friend

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Well i can cross one so called friend off the list

Kinda depressing reading this thread, i have 1 friend. She is a good friend, i confide in her. Thats all. I have others but their more like associates. I have a sister, not really close to her although i do try but she lives in auz. Im close to my mum, and my MIL.
Days like today i wish i did have more friends i could call on, bit of a down day sad
I really feel sorry for those that dont have a best friend. My best friend is my heart and soul and owns just as much of my heart as my husband. I dont think I could choose between them if I had too.

We met in kindy and have been best mates ever since. We were matron of honor for each other, have children the same age, both are god parents and are even written in wills to take care of each others children if anything happened.

We are so alike it isn't funny we feel what each other are thinking. I think thats pretty special.

I also have 2 other friends who I am extremely close with. We went through high school together. We all live within 1/2 and hour of each other, have kids the same age etc.

I definately think everyone needs a confidant apart from there partner.
Hi Khmum,

We moved to Australia from NZ two years ago,
i left my three best friends behind who i still kind of keep in touch with when i can but its very different than having them in the same town.
Im not shy but am not the greatest at making friends (not sure why?) I have made a few friends here but i really only see each of them once a month at the most.
Im finding it hard to feel positive lately, i think its because im missing life before.
It can be hard to let people know how you feel about this too i only recently told my partner about it as if its embarrassing or something?

Your post made me feel a bit better smile Moving to a new town is definitely harder than i thought! xx
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