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OC!!! Lock Rss

You need your own thread, Everyone else does it! I had no idea til just now and it seems everyone else knew for the last 2 days!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting!!

I miss something what have i miss


Congrat's. I'm very happy for you, wishing you a very happy & healthy pregnancy.

I didn't even know.

Congratulations! That's wonderful news smile
Congrats again OC! More new babies coming to Huggiesland grin

Congrats OC! How exciting!

Skippy And The Greek wrote:
Well, there's an unforeseen development. Had no hint that was going to happen what so ever. Congratulations on your news (or Chalyss news wink ) hope it's an uneventful 9 odd months.

Ugh... make me cringe! It's only because it doesn't seem as though she's going to do it herself!

Congrats OC! smile

Congrats! I was wondering when you would announce. You have been talking of 'when' we have another lately. Just seemed like you were really wanting it. Very happy for you guys. Are DH and the girls stoked?
That's wonderful new's OC, CONGRATULATIONS grin grin grin
awwwww thanks everyone. That is really lovely! Thanks for starting the thread Chalys. I was going to, but then it came up in the other one, so I figured it wasn't necessary.

I don't know how pregnant I am, can't be long though.... maybe a few weeks. I think we worked out it will probably be an april babe which shows how brilliant my maths skills are. i thought we were all clear to not have an april baby as we already have a heap of birthdays then including dh and dd. From my working out it would be due within 10 days of both their birthdays lol....

Really appreciate everyones comments. You guys have made me feel pretty special actually. smile
Congrats OC!!

That's awesome news grin

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