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Has anyone's partner had the snip without you agreeing? Lock Rss

So DH is 100% determined to get the snip as soon as our baby is born at the end of the year. I really don't want him to because I think I want to have one more baby after this one, even if I change my mind I'd like to keep my options open given that we are only in our mid twenties... He says there is no possible way he wants 4 kids and is getting the snip regardless of what I say =/

I've tried reasoning with him and he just says too bad I'm getting it done. I will be so so mad if he does but then I think one of us had to 'win' this debate so who is it going to be sad

Has anyone been in this situation before and what did you do?

Maybe get him to put away a sample for future use if you both change your mind???
He'll be going to find a dr that will do it as soon as your baby is born. Every dr I know says not before the baby is at a minimum of 6 months old. Not to be morbid but just in case something were to go wrong with the baby - they usually insist that you wait.

If he were to change his mind he could get a reversal done at a later date. I know someone who had a vasectomy after two kids, then had a reversal 10 years later and went on to have 2 more kids. The success rate of the reversal is not 100% though.

Can you convince him of an alternative such as you getting the mirena? Give him the info on it, because you can be pretty darn sure you wont have an accident with that, and it might buy you 5 years or so.

Can you ask him to think about how you feel too. Then he can get the snip.

I wanted hubby to get the snip after we had our last son and so glad he didn't since he wanted another baby.

I hope he changes his mind

I was thinking about a reversal, I just don't think he should get it done in the first place though laugh

I didn't know you had to wait 6 months, it does make sense, I will have to tell him that! I'm happy to go back on the pill when the baby comes, that's what I've always used but I don't know, what's one extra when you already have 3 haha if we did decide on a 4th I'd like to get started when this baby is 1... He's just so dead set against it!

I don't want him to get it done then a year later he wants a reversal but then I also don't want him to get it done and he just completely disregards what I want sad

Men *sighhhh*

Snooopy wrote:
Oh dear ! Is there a reason why he is so against it like something has happened to someone else that has triggered it ? Did he want this third baby ?

I would also find him hard pressed to find a dr that will do the procedure if he is in his 20's. They don't like doing it so young and with a young family, and you being so young. The have to answer all these questions.

Can you ask him to choose between his fish and a vesectomy ? ROFL smile He might chooes the fish LOL

Ahahahahahahahahaha I am going to try that, it's the fish or your balls laugh laugh laugh

I did say that if he gets the snip I get a boob job and he said no lol

I didn't realise doctors don't like doing it if you're in your 20s, he wanted this baby as much as me so there's no underlying issues, money isn't a problem etc maybe he doesn't want to buy a bigger car... I don't know, I just wish he would consider it at least!

Tigress'n'Cub wrote:
I wanted my tubes done at the same time I had my c section & they refused. Had to wait at least 6 months before they would consider it, I'm over 30. Didn't realise they did the same with males. All I can suggest is talk about it together & try not to get aggitated with each other. I don't think there will be a 'winner' as such, but maybe a compromise can be reached. Hoping anyway. smile

A lady who had her c-section the same day has me got her tubes tied. And i ask my doctor who said that the doctor who does it should do it if i ask him

My husband is kind off the same where he only wants 2 kids. I am desperate for 3 or 4. Ive always wanted a big family and he was ok about it until the last year or so. So really he's the one whose changed his mind and I've told him that we need to talk long and hard before any decision is to be made about near permanent contraception.

It makes me angry as I am the SAHM. I get up during the night. I do most things so it would even affect him in terms of more work. I've had really bad female health probs and have been told once I have 'finished' having kids I am able to get a hysterectomy at whatever age it may be. Seeing as this is irreversible it's a tad different to your situation. And I have let DH know that if we only ever had 2 children and I had the procedure I would go through a huge about of grief that I wasn't and never would be able to have more
I'll spring it on him tonight when he's tinkering with his tank grin grin

Let us know how he takes the news

Also I know lots of older men that have re-partnered and their vasectomy reversals did not work.
Hey ladies, so I talked to DH last night (he shook his head and gave me the evil eye when I mentioned the fish laugh) anyways he's pretty deadest against 4 kids but I asked if he will at least wait until next Christmas to make his decision because I would like to keep our options open and he agreed to that so I suppose it's a start smile

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