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My Dh is a builder so I asked him and he said that legally no you can't do that..... but if a person is d!cking you then sometimes you just have to do it to get your personal power back.
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I think that you can take it through a tribunal type hearing though.... if it is worth the fuss to get the point across.

My DH was all for doing it anyway, he even raised his voice a bit and said ' if you don't do something then that person thinks that they can do it to others too!"
But don't let him be an bad influence wink
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Good on you, I hope she comes around for you.

The facts are that if you hire someone to do a job and they complete the job then you PAY for the services rendered...... unless you are not happy then you ask for the problem to be rectified and THEN you pay for the services rendered!!!!
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My ex husband did a job, and his dad that he works with kept going back, even though the people wouldn't pay. He wanted to go rip all the stuff out, but apparently illegal. Even years later, they haven't seen the 150k... I can picture dale Kerrigan style ripping the gates off with a tow truck grin (the castle), yeah give her a piece of your mind.
Does the work get quoted before hand? I would perhaps always quote the job and get it signed by the customer. Then it would be a legal contract you have both agreed to, and if she doesnt pay, you could refer the debt to an agency to collect or court.
Personally, i would rip out whatever was fitted and make sure the house? was left in the same condition it was in before you got there originally. Then its just the labour your loosing. tongue
cant you use the retention of title clause? all the parts supplied by you remain yours until they are paid in full?

when we have company's go into liquidation we have suppliers come and reclaim their stock that has yet to be paid for.

i dont know if it is different if the parts are now fixed and fitted.

you could also go through a collection agency and have them issue a letter of demand.
If you get no positive outcome from a ph call then start documenting and make any further requests in writing and ask for replys in writing too then if she hasn't paid in a reasonable amount of time and you can show that you've made attempts to recover and offer payment terms I'd then look into the small claims procedure in your state. If under $10k you can use that and you won't need lawyers etc. So annoying! One thing I don't miss about running our own business :/
If its been going on for a while I'd probably have a lawyer draft up a letter threatening legal proceedings. Sometimes that can scare them into paying... Because if it went as far as that you could also claim for your court cost and the time you've spent on trying to reclaim what is owed to you. Maybe you could mention this in your phone call.

The council here where I live didn't pay a guy for some paving that he did, and he went and ripped it all up. The guy didn't get in trouble for it at all. I'd be ringing the police and asking what you can do.... Because to me if it's not paid for then it is still owned by you and you should be able to take it back.

Tigress'n'Cub wrote:
Mumto2Ts, yes, once anything is fixed or fitted, it becomes part of the house/building & cannot be removed by the person or company who installed it, even if money is owing.

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