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  5. a little 'out there' but anyone with any experience with spirits - the spooky ones not the drinking ones...

a little 'out there' but anyone with any experience with spirits - the spooky ones not the drinking ones... Lock Rss

of cleansing spirits out of their houses?? or actually just discouraging it from going into a particular room??

I know i know - sounds a little crazy - if you dont believe in that kind of stuff....

but, i think that DD's sleep issues & bed wetting problems are actually being caused by a 'visitor'... No, i am not drunk... LOL

she has often told us about the 'shadow' that scares her, that is where her dolls pram is kept, but of course we have just dismissed it - as you do... but, DH, DS & i have all 'seen' something in the hallway of our house. Talking about it today, we actually think that there may be a link.... she sleeps majority of the time in bed with us & sleeps like a log & no bed wetting issues, but as soon as she is back in her own room, she will wake constantly, screaming - the petrified kind of screaming, not just crying or whinging - & will wet the bed. We are both becoming very sleep deprived!!

'it' doesnt bother us at all, except for her - so how do i get it to stay out of her room???
Hey smile

I'm in a similar situation... I'm actually planning to move DD into a different bedroom to see if it helps her sleep problem. Since we moved here in Oct last year I've seen many things and my sister who is a complete non believer slept in DDs room once and is so terrified of what she experienced in there that she wont step a foot in that room when she's here!

DD often wakes screaming and crying and says she can see shadows or saw something scary. I get a funny feeling in her room and when I'm in DSs room which is at the other end of the hall I always feel like I'm being watched so I make sure I can see out the door at all times lol

I don't have any advice really haha just wanted you to know you're not alone smile You could try going into her room and telling it you're not afraid and that you would like it to please leave. I would say it isn't there to hurt you, it just wants you to know its around!

oh thank god - i'm not crazy then huh??
i hope that works for you!! it is so frustrating... ever since she has been night TT'd, she has always woken at night & comes to get me to take her to the toilet, but now, in this new house, she wont even get out of bed, she sits dead upright & pulls her legs in tight & just screams!! its awful

we dont necessarily want it to leave all together - cause it definitely isnt here to hurt us, if it was, it would of done it by now - & we are quite used to sharing our space with 'others' - it's just that this is the first time that something has negatively impacted our quality of life...

thanks for your input smile
i was just reading this page and accidentally hit the report button, sorry chilliwoman. Mods please ignore. I didn't even realise that I had clicked until the window popped up.

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

LOL - that's OK, i think we have all done that...
Definitely not crazy smile
I would suggest getting it to leave altogether. And I wouldn't suggest telling it that you aren't afraid. It could work, but it could also backfire and make it ramp things up.

I'm pretty sure that if you went to any church in your area the ministers would be happy to do it for you. The first house DH and I lived in had something else there. I got my Mum to cleanse the house and we didn't have any troubles after that. Nothing weird - she just prayed through the house.
If you do decide to get it cleansed I would suggest doing it while your DD isn't there. After we had our house cleansed we didn't have any more trouble, but I was freaked out every time I went into the room where Mum had felt the strongest 'presence' or 'resistance' or whatever you would say. Just because I knew something had been there. I don't know if that makes any sense...

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my dh loves a show called ghost hunters and it is so freaky.

they usually just ask the spirit why it is there and then to leave. or you could try using sage sticks around the house. i'm pretty sure you can get them from those new age shops.

sorry that's all i've got lol

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However... The first thing I would be trying is moving the dolls pram to a spot that can't be seen from the bed. I used to wake as a child and look down the hall - and at the end of the hall there was a shadow from the kitchen chair that always freaked me right out. I used to wake up screaming to mum that there was a scary man. Started shutting my bedroom door at night and all was good.

It could be a ghost, but it could be a shadow!!

Also, does she have a night light?

thanks for all the input!!
I might try the sage - have to wait till tuesday when i go in to town - we have 1 "hippie shop" so hopefully they have something.... see how that goes & ask the owners of this house if they ever had any issues - they lived here for 16 years or so...

i have moved everything around in her room, when she was first complaining that she shadow was scaring her, but she still says that it is there & it's ONLY there at night!

wow - thanks tickled pink!! i actually really like this idea!! i dont want the spirit to leave completely.. it obviously has an attachment here - either the house or us - & i'm fine with that - i just need DD to start sleeping properly & in her own bed again.

It's not streetlight shadows either - our blind & curtain placement ensures that no light comes in - mining families - see, hate the light... haha
Hi there - definitely head into the 'hippie shop' and get a smudge stick (bundle of sage)
- once you get home, light the smudge stick and waft it in all the corners of the room.. As you're doing it you can ask nicely for the spirit to leave smile
Once you've gone over each of the corners (and particularly where the pram is) and then close up the room with the stick still burning... once it's gone out, open the windows and doors and ask again for your guest to leave and find the light..

Also when I was having a visitior myself I went to see a clairvoyant about it and she said to get a bible out and leave it open to Psalm 23.. not sure why, and I don't do bibles so never did it, but that's also an option wink

Good luck!

What about asking a local elder for some help?
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