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Just wondering if anyone has any information regarding how to go about applying for the baby payment if you are still working.. Not the baby bonus but the new one they brought in last year.. When can you apply and when do you have to work up until?
Are you talking about Paid Parental Leave?

I applied online. You can apply 3 months before due date, not before. You have to be working for 10 out of 13 months prior to babies birth as far as I'm aware.

Here is some more info:

Your work will dictate the policy in regards to when you need to finish work. Most places seems to be four weeks before due date unless u have a certificate from ob saying you can work longer. You can choose a start date for payments that suits u but it has to be before a certain amount of time. Can't remember what the cut off was, but I took 14 weeks paid leave from my work before taking the fed funded pay. The trick u have to be aware of though is that you have to put the start date down as two weeks before the date you actually want to receive it wink

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