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Do car seats expire?? Rss

Hi, we are looking at buying a second hand car seat for our daughter for my partners bus but I have heard that car seats expire??? Does anyone know if they do?
You have to be very careful they haven't been in a car accident or anything like that.... Once in a car accident the seat has been compromised and is dangerous
Hey, im not entirely sure if they expire.. But everywhere i've read they say dont buy a second hand car seat as unless you know the FULL history of it, it could be dangerous.. Like if its already been in an accident, or its not up to the newest Australian Standard. If you buy it from someone maybe just see the reciept or something to when it was bought, You can pick up pretty cheap ones. Sadly the one i just bought on special has just gone up to full price

But i only paid $109 for a 'Go safe marble car seat' From babies r us ! Which is soo cheap for a nice, new one maybe just brouse online a lot you probably could find one almost as cheap as second hand

Hope this helped

Ellie xox

Yes they do "expire". You shouldn't use a carseat that is over 10 years old, regardless of how well you looked after it or how it looks.

We were given a 2nd hand car seat from a friend which we were planning on using in the 2nd car. We tried to get it fitted and were told they are not allowed to fit anything over 10 yrs old.

I'm pretty sure all Safe n Sound have a 10 year lifetime. The AHR Platinum deffinately does but I think all Safe n Sound do.

Apparently many other brands only have a 5 year lifetime but that's just what I've been told!

So deffinately after ten years, bin it! regardless of the brand!

As others have said, it's not advisable to buy secondhand car seats.

Yes, ours cost over $500 each but considering they can use them for around 4 years, it's not that much per week/month (however you want to look at it) for peace of mind!

Yeah I have been told 10 years because the plastic starts deteriorating so it isn't as safe as when new. If planning to use a second hand seat you should inspect it first for signs of stress- there will be stress marks in the plastic. smile

There are several instances where you should not use a Car seat,

1 if the carseat is over 10 years old, this applies to all carseat manufacturers
2 if the carseat was installed in a car which has been in an accident

the carseat is like a bike helmet it is design to be used until it is in an accident once in an accident it must be replaced even if it looks ok, the insurancwe will pay for both the carseat and the Fitting

Hope this helps, thanks to DH for info
I do not think that the car seat expires. But the fact remains if the car seat have been in an accident, then it is a no no.

I would never buy a second hand car seat. I would rather just spend money on a new one and know for sure that my baby will be safe.

But it is up to you.

BTW, what would you recommend is the best car seat on the market? I know a lot about strollers but not so much about the best car seat. Just for interest sake? I know Britax and Chicco is good brands but do you guys think other brands are better?
They don't, but its recommended that they be thrown away after 5 years of use, but they can last 11 years
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