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I'm bored, anyone around tonight. Lock Rss

I thought I was meant to start work at 8pm then got to work and realised I'm
Not meant to start until 8:30pm so I'm trying to kill time on huggies until I start! So yes I'm here lol
I'm usual wink

My day continued being pretty good - made a nice dinner, followed by a yummy dessert.
The kids are in bed, DH is watching a movie, and I'm checking out all the internet stuff I usually check out...pretty boring huh!

How was your day?
Oh, you just answered how your day was!

Pool time sounds fun.
I'm here, both boys are in bed and hubby down in the office finishing off. He wants to watch a movie but i don't know when he be done.

I'm here. I tried to make a nice dinner for dh and I as the kids were knackered and I knew they would crash early. Not only will he be really late home, he has so much work to do he has to work for the entire weekend....
So my salmon went into the freezer, I just don't feel like it now. I was really looking forward to a chill out weekend as we have been so busy and/or sick over the last couple of months. Now its going to be no different to any other day. boofrickenghoo!!!!! sad

I can't believe its hot enough to go in a pool! I am freezing and the fire is roaring!
Hubby brought couple movies while he was in brisbane, i don't care has long has i don't fall asleep

A movie is a good idea! I have discovered renting movies on either youtube or Istore.
Anyone seen any good recent movies lately?
Oh my goodness, they are soooo cute!!! They look like they are having lots of fun too!
That sucks OC - what a pain that is!
And I can't help you with movie ideas sorry - I'm not really a movie person.

Cute pics Little Miss's, they look like they had a fantastically fun day grin
she is so cute.

I'm around 2, both kiddies are asleep DF is watching the footy... Should go to bed after such a big day of work and tomora night I have my hens night

Supermummy, I'm sorry you've had a shocker of a day, and I hope tonight doesn't turn out as bad as you're anticipating.
Fingers crossed tomorrow is a much better day - hope your daughter is feeling better soon.
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