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Last Friday friends of ours picked our daughter up from school. They do it regularly and we pick up their kids sometimes. they decided to take DD to the mall to get maccas for tea. During the trip they did not tell DD what was expected of her (IE Stay with us, don't run away.) She is 5 but I ALWAYS tell her this before we get out of the car cos with her it's a must! They did not tell me they were doing this so when I arrived at their house to pick her up they were not there. I had to ring to see where they were. When they finally dropped her off an hour later he complained that DD kept running away (20m ahead) and demanded I talk to her about it. When DD2 (who is 3) came out he said hello to her. She is VERY shy and was shattered so did not answer. He proceded to tell her off, she then said hello, but quietly so he did not hear. He told her off again. She did say hello eventually.
I am feeling angry about this whole situation. Since when do you take my DD to the mall and feed her junk for tea when I did not know about it nor ask them to feed her. Since when is it ok to tell my DD2 off right in front of me?! (For the record I know what she did was rude but he started into her before I could say anything) Am I over reacting? Not sre what to do/think now!
Sorry should have said in the op they pick her up when I work. We have nobody else to do this as my inlaws work and DH shift works.
Thats why I'm not sure what to do! I cannot find a babysitter/nanny who doesn't charge a fortune who is happy to do irregular hours. sad
I would be upset & angry. We tell our oldest all the time to stay with us to hold our hand, he gets very excited when we go shopping.

I would of said something about them taking her somewhere without asking or telling you.

Thanks ladies.
Dani you are right on. I am annoyed because he is telling me how to parent! I do not actually care that he fed her crap. i understand that she needs to fit in with their family. The issues I have are
1: We live in Christchurch, home of the earthquake. what if a huge one happened while they were there and I didn't know where she was?! (or they had an accident etc)
2: If he had told me before hand i could have picked DD up from the mall instead of driving to his house only to find they were across town!
So yeah I think I will mention it to him.
the second thing with him telling DD2 off grates me because I know what it is like to be shy and being told off about it (as my mum did to me) Does not help! Just makes you feel worse. DD2 is friendly with people she knows and isn't with people she doesn't which in this day and age I don't think is a bad thing! If he does it again then I will say something, it is a bit late now probably.
I can be over protective of my kids, especially DD2 cos she has been through heaps of truama with earthquakes etc which probably doesn't help!
I'd be peeved off about both things... he has a bloody cheek and he has no manners and is bloody rude!!!
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