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What time of day did your waters break? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm just curious to know what time of day did your waters break? With DS i didn't have a show or my waters didn't break. I just had contractions. I have been looking on the net and most of them seem to be @ night when you are relaxed.

Thanks Ash

My waters were broken in hospital by the doctor around 4am. I had been in labour for nearly 12 hours.

I can only say about my first son and my waters broke about 3 or 4 in the morning.
My second son was born by c-section,

With my first waters broke at 11.15pm, second was broken just before I pushed him out but was in the morning and 3rd was 7.00am, so hoping my waters break in the morning again this time round

My 1st was at around 1.00am the other 2 broke with a push before the pushing stage!
Mine broke at 11.45pm after 3 contractions. I had bub at 8.24am.

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