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I've been a member for 4 years when i was pregnant with little master.

I think my post count is over 6770 the last time i look

I've been a member just over a year. Never posted at first for a few months then started. Now I just go through fazes where sometimes I'm on every day & posting a lot & sometimes just having a sticky beak & sometimes just not on at all. On here more & more often lately though!

I've been a member for 7 years. I left about 4 years ago and at the time had nearly 6000 posts and came back maybe 5-6 months ago to find I had 900 odd. Each time they do an upgrade or a modify the forum I lose posts so at the moment I'm sitting on about 1100 and I do generally take a squiz here each day to see what's happening smile

I've been coming to the Huggies forum on and off since DS1 was born 4.5 years ago. This time around I've been logging in most days for about a month or two. Pretty much since our PC bit the dust and Ive been using the lap top and can keep a better eye on the kidswhilst I'm online wink

I only have about 192 posts up at the moment for this time around.

Only been on here 2-3mths max and my post count before posting this is 530 smile lol I get on everyday even if I just read and not post!! It's a great lil forum community on here smile

I've been a member since 2007 but didn't post much to start with. I have times when I come on every day and other times like recently not so much.
I ended up getting a new laptop in july but I still haven't come on as much laugh

I might have to come on more so I can get to 2000 laugh

I have been on for about 5 yrs but didn't post too much at the start....newborn bub and all that....
Post count is 7000.

.......thank goodness they don't do a word
Yeah the cats out of the bag now I shouldn't of told you laugh How have you been anyway? Hows everything with bubs?

I've been a member since 2007 but only started posting on the ivf section 2 years ago. I'm still on maternity leave so I come on pretty much every day. I just reached 700 posts. smile. I'm returning to work in Nov and I will probably have less time to check.
At the moment I keep checking if Noddy, Skippy and Mel-O have had their babies. grin

I joined up either when pregnant with DD or just after she was born so around 5 years ago. I log in and check the forum a few times a day, it's one of the pages that opens automatically when I log onto the internet, but don't tend to post all that much. Post count is apparently 2826, had to post and check, I had no idea smile.

I joined Huggies when pregnant with my 2nd, back in April 2007, but I didn't start using the forum until my 3rd was about 6mths old, so in about Sept 2010.
This will be post number 2792 for me, I now come on every day, unless I'm not in town (which is very rarely).
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