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Needing Recipes please and what have you done to get to know others? Lock Rss

Hi Lately i have been in one of these moods i just want to cook :{ Does not matter what it is it can be a snack, cookies, slices, cakes..

My Question is Does anybody have any recipe ideas of healthy snacks or cookies,cakes, meals anything, just throw it down and i think i might take note of it and give it a try...

I have an 18 month old Daughter that absolutely loves anything and i also have an 11 yr old Son that is on the fussy side to when it comes to vegies..
I have tried all sorts healthy and maybe not so healthy but ok for sometimes foods smile
Plus it is alot of fun...

Also on the Random side I have just moved into a neighour hood that is new to me and the kids and i thought well lets make some cakes and introduce ourselves so that is what we did today. the cake idea i maybe a little over it after today ..ideas are still good:)
And everyone i met was very friendy...
I have never done that before but i thought well why not what do you have to lose..
Has anybody done anything Random like this ...??????

For meeting people; have you heard of If you sign up you can then join meetup groups that people have set up in your area & you will have a Calander on there of events your groups are hosting so you can RSVP to the ones you want to go to. In my area there are quite a few mothers groups with kids of all different ages & most people that go are in the same boat, either don't have friends with kids or new to the area & want to make friends there.

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