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I'm in an awkward situation.

My husband's family are a small close family and we often have family gatherings at my sister-in-law's home because they have the space to accommodate everyone.

Now they have two dogs - a bassett hound and a pug (i think). They love their dogs and are very much part of their family - as they should be.

We have a good relationship with our family so this is why it's very awkward for us.

The bassett jumps up on people when excited. I'm not a dog person. I don't like the smell of dogs, don't like them slobbering on me, don't like them jumping on me, don't like the smell of dog on me and my clothes. That's me but being in their house I understand that their pets are part of their family and I just have to put up with it.

However.... we have a 5 month old baby and I don't want the dogs anywhere near him. The dogs aren't used to having babies or children around. They are friendly dogs but no-one can predict how a dog would behave around children if they're not regularly exposed to them.

We visited their home when our baby was about 3 months old and the bassett was jumping up on me trying to smell the baby, trying to bite the baby's dummy, constantly hanging around. I hated it so much. I don't want dog slobber on my baby either. My baby doesn't sleep well when out and about so I couldn't put him upstairs in a room. I had to hold my unsettled baby the whole time and try and keep the dog away. They roused on the dog when they saw me trying to push the dog away but I really hated the situation. My husband feels the same way.

I KNOW that if we asked them for the dogs to stay outside, they would feel very offended. I don't know what to do. I don't want to cause conflict or offence but at the same time I don't want the dog around my baby. It's only going to get worse when my baby starts getting mobile and not wanting to be held.

It's fine for families who already have dogs and introduce their new baby to the dog (and vice verca) but we don't see them regularly. Only birthdays and Christmas.

Any advice?? Play pens don't work because they had their christmas tree in a play pen and the dog still managed to get to the decorations and eat them.

Thanks for any advice.
Hi I fully understand your situation and it is very awkward because you are family and you get along well and you don't see them very often I personally if it was me speak to them privately you and your husband and address your concern in a nice calm way, say things like "we feel" etc etc to express your feelings about the dogs. It is their house but you are a guest and I am sure they will understand if you put it to them in a way that is expressive.

At the end of the day (in my opinion) your child is your priority and if you feel your child is in danger (potentially) or any other reason you both feel the need for the dogs not to be too close to the child you have a right to protect your child better to be safe than sorry you can't predict what the dog may or may not do if someone was to pull its ears or tap them (as kids do)
Hope I was of some help smile
I would tell them to lock up their dogs.

My hubby's Auntie lock both her dogs up due to her dogs being old & that my kids are not use to been around them.

It better to lock the dogs up than stress that the dog's may bite your baby.

Thanks to all of you for your advice. Dani +1, i liked your speal (sp?) and I may just have to use it.

I may be able to put up with it at the moment (just) but yeah, I think we might need to have a conversation. I hate conflict and not really great with words... but as DS gets mobile, I really don't feel comfortable with him being around the dogs. If the dogs were frequently around babies and children, i'd relax a little and let some supervised interaction happen (when he's an older bub) - but they aren't. Just around adults - so whilst they may be 'friendly' dogs, I don't think I can trust dogs. Especially as babies/children squeal, pull and tug and the dog might not like it.

I do appreciate each of your responses - Thank you.
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