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OH man this use to stress me out to the max i tried all diffrent ways for him to maybe not turn to anouger woman, also it use to eat me up inside when he even look at anougher one but i found the morw i pushed the more distant he would be .... he never has cheated proberly never will maybe its me being older i have just hit 30 but not i could not give a sh t if its going to happen it will and there is no way of stopping it but in the end i will say see you later... and the rest is history

Hi there

we all get abit scared about our partners cheating on us, but its how you deal with it, I to get jealous from time to time, I think it makes us worse when its the time of the month,lol. The best thing I have found to do is make my self look the best I can, at least I will feel better about myself and more confident, sorry about the spelling,

Also you know your partner better than anyone else so you know what they like and dont like. Make sure you have a happy home for them to come home to, so that they want to come home.

Try not to stress about them looking at other people, its only normal as long as nothing happens, and your right the more you nag them the more you push them away and have the other effect on them, be warm and loving.

so its time to take control about something you can do, thats you, if you look good on the outside you feel good inside.

I hope this helps.

kind regards Jo
oh and I am 36 and who cares about age, we are like a fine wine, we get better with age xxx
Awwwww Thanks for your reply you have beautiful wording

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