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Whats with this i have posted so many things and not ONE reply besides the last one what is going on is my computer working? or am i just boring? maybe i just come on at a time when everyone else is sleeping either way im getting sick of this

Little Miss's wrote:
Weekends are always quiet. I wouldn't take it personally.

Agreed. Especially in the mornings too.

There certain days or times that are quiet. Weekends, the school runs & public holidays.

Don't worry, i've been here for 4 years & i've had a few post over the years where no-one replys. I don't worry about it.

I did see some of your threads.
Some are simply statements about your views on seemingly random subjects. Not a story or a question if you know what I mean? So I didn't have a reply.
I don't knit or crochet - so there's that one covered.
No not from bendigo.
Live in Brisbane.
I think that's it.
Sorry you didn't get replies. Please don't feel unwelcome.

Also one little thing, when people go into the active threads and see one members avatar all the way down the side on lots of threads they could instantly think "spammer" without actually reading what the threads are.
Not saying your a spammer, just, like me, people that spend a bit of time here could look at avatars first. smile

Also your OP was 37 minutes ago and you have not carried on a discussion in this thread yourself.
A little hypocritical?
Sorry if you don't like the replies you have got but that's the nature of open forums, people have their own views/interests/opinions & that's what makes it interesting.

also some people read and then come back later. If its really important to you then just repost it again.
I agree that it needs to be a question for people to want to answer. If you just write a statement, then theres not much people can do with that. smile Keep posting though and also have a read of how people start threads to give you an idea. I look forward to reading your posts! smile
Looks like you got some replies. smile

Takes awhile to get the hang of forum talk. The posts that get the most attention are either things where people can give advice, have an opinion or chat about day to day things. It's nice to get a bit of an introduction from new members but don't expect to get a big response from multiple "all about me" type posts. Also, takes a little bit of time for people on the forum to get to know you, I've got over 1000 posts now and I'm only just starting to feel like I'm getting to know other members. It helps if you show an interest in other people and actively participate in other discussions.

Don't feel ignored, just come on board and get chatting and people will get to know you. There are quiet times too, I find the best time to be online is in the evenings, around between 7 - 10pm, usually when kiddies are all in bed and mummies have some freetime. Got to take into consideration time differences as well.

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Hi Thanks to all that have replied i understand all your points and thankyou for letting me know...
I will see how this goes from now on...I dont get on here much and when i do yes i do kind of take over and respond and have lots of posts but i was looking for something to come back to when i go offine thats ok i will let it go and Thanks again

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