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Well the title is pretty self explanatory really.

I've been thinking I need a hobby and thought that one of you ladies might have one that I would be interested in smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Im a crocheter grin its a winter "sport" hee hee
Check out if you are interested.

I love sports but as i'm up the duff I can do these now.
I've taken up cross-stitch also I love my getting out in my vegi garden.

I do mosaic, trying to find time to do that and making candles & soap.
I use to do cross stitch, which i should get back into.

Great topic - I think the same!! I don't have any hobbies which is pretty sad really. Then again if anyone has any ideas how to find the time for hobbies ........
I have just taught myself how to crochet, have been known to knit and I love to cook too.
I do scrapbooking and card making. Also a little bit of sewing. I do like to bake as well.

I used to read alot but haven't done that much lately. Also cross stitch at night (but not for awhile lately either)

I have tried many hobbies over the years including Scrapbooking, cross stich, long stich, paper toll (sp?), knitting, yoga, sewing and jewellery making/beading.

The only ones that I have ever seemed to stick to is baking (although taking a break atm for my weights sake smile), reading and photography.

I have cupboards full of scrapbooking and sewing stuff that I just haven't had time to use. Maybe I will get back to it one day when the kids are old enough to leave it alone if I have it out!!!

Yoga and pilates (yoga was GREAT when I was pregnant! I felt wonderful after a lesson - prenatal yoga, that is) and walking! When I was pregnant I was told that light exercise like a walk was a great hobby and it's very good for you and bub rather than sit and be sedentary all the time and it increases your energy levels. I used to drive to different parks and beaches in my city so I would not get bored walking always in the same place smile Just don't push yourself and drink lots of water! smile
Is cross stitch easy to pick up? And is it easy to only do a little bit at a time? Like knockonwood said, it's hard to find the time for anything. I want something I don't need to sit down with for long periods at a time.

Tickled*pink - what sorts of bits and pieces do you sew? I have been in a sewing mood lately but I don't know what to make. I have been thinking about making DS a stocking for Christmas but I can't really think of anything else.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Furniture restoration. I love getting on the power tools! Lol

I've just finished doin up a swing that was hand made about 20 odd years ago. It has two bench seats facing each other and it turned out really awesome, loved doing it!

So I have another swing ready to go, and then a see saw, and then a metal rocking contraption. Gunna have a play ground here by the end of it! Lol

I am a Dad, so mine are a bit different.

Woodworking, Woodturning, Web Development, Games, Playing with the Boys. Making toys for the Boys and Gardening

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