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Private Health Insurance Lock Rss

Sooo was wondering what peoples thoughts were about private health insurance?

How many of you have it?

Ive had it all my life and i now have it for DS and I but i am honestly wondering if it really is worth $48 a week.

Ive been looking at trying to save some money in the hope I can soon buy a house instead of renting.

We have extras but have never used any of them.

My parents are the type of people that believe that you should have it incase of an emergency but if there was an emergency then there is not wait at a public hospital anyway....
We only got private health insurance at the start of August and that was only because DH started a new job and they pay for top level corporate cover and top level extras for our whole family. Comes to a grand total of just under 10k a year grin

If it wasn't for this we wouldn't have got it ourselves lol I'm happy to use the public system and if something major came up we are more than able to cover costs smile

We got health insurance for the first time.
We are with HCF - I did alot of investigating and decided they were the best value for money. We have hospital and extra's cover.
I have been on both sides of the private/public system having our DD in a priviate hospital and our DS in a public - i actually liked the public better but I also think it had ALOT to do with me being a 2nd time mum and not having so much stress on me like i did the first time round lol

Our DD has anaphylaxis to macadamia's and hazelnuts as well as asthma and ezcema not to mention a dust mite allergy so we wanted to make sure if we had to, we could get the best care possible for her - we see specialists yrly which will help with private health.

Both my DH & DS ride motor cross and although wear all the correct safety gear its not fool proof and I wanted to make sure if something was to happen that they could have any operations etc immediately.

We havent had to use it a heck of a lot, both my DD and I have claimed optical (another reason we got it) and got some good benefit from their refunds but apart from that its just been something we knew we had if we needed it.

it costs us about $150 per month for the 4 of us in top cover so isnt crazy expensive - we also have life/trauma insurance as well through a different company and is extra.

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

Oh & the levy surcharge was a bit of an insentive too for us (DH was 30 in April) I dont like having to pay any more then what I have to!! We had until he turns 31 to get cover.. which we did well and truly lol considering he isnt 31 til next yr

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

Same as Happyhead here. Bupa, $230 a month. Sometimes things aren't necessarily an emergency, but could potentially become one if not seen asap. eg. Dh had a stomach ulcer, we had health cover so he went in straight away once they realised what he possibly had. That one was an emergency as he had lost so much blood. The second time he had symptoms that could be those of an ulcer, he went to the Gp in the morning. The GP rang the specialist that he had 7 years before. The specialist said come down to emergency and we will book him in straight away for an endoscopy this afternoon. If he had been public, then that wouldn't have happened. With dh looking out for symptoms and private cover, he got in straight away, they found a new ulcer and he was out that night. Last time it was 3 weeks off work from symptoms because they couldn't work out what was wrong, then 1 day in emergency, then 4 days in hospital.
Personally I think it depends on the level of "sickness" of your family cause obviously if there is an emergency you still get treated throught he public system. I have had 2 DD's through public, and none of us have any major illnesses or need glasses etc. So we don't have it. I was over 30 when they bought that rule in anyway and it's an expense we just cannot afford. I figure I'll get it when I'm a lot older and need the health cover. I know there'll be the surcharge but I still think it would be cheaper than paying it for 20 years and not using it!

Whereas my mum and dad(when he was alive) have it and get a lot from it - dad had lots of dental work, they both wear glasses, dad had carpel tunnel surgeries etc, so they got their money's worth so to speak.
worth every cent there is no way I want my buba on a waiting list
Wouldn't be without it. We are with bupa and have hospital and extras and it cost $250. Like pp we make it back each year with the savings on dental. Crowns, fillings etc. we have all had a few elective surgeries too so once again save on hospital stays etc. for us it is essential.
We only this week changed from medibank to bupa. Now paying $180/mth for hospital and extras. We have all had our fair share of need for it. DS and I use optical and osteo, dh has old footy injuries so is always off to physio and all 3 boys have needed grommets and I expect dd will at some stage too. We live in a regional area with only a public hospital, but wouldn't like the kids to have to be on a waiting list if they really needed something done.
[quote post="3257076" name="RCC376"][b]RCC376 wrote[/]
Did you find Bupa cheaper than medibank private ? I only ask as we are thinking of swicthing from medibank private to bupa too.[/quote]
sorry, only just saw this. Yep cheaper by about $40/mth which isn't much except we're actually getting access to more extras services and a higher refund on those services too. Very happy with the change smile
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