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I almost hit my Lock Rss

Hubby said he was stunned of what he father did.

Hubby can speak German so that will help.
I really don't know how to handle this. I don't care what fil has to say anymore.

I've told hubby i don't think i would be able to stop myself from hitting him next time.

We only see FIL every 2 to 3 weeks.

MIL will say something to us next time we see them.

Hubby didn't see FIL hit little master the 2nd time. And he did get our oldest away from him the first time. He was trying to keep our youngest calm, little man was trying to help hubby sweep the floor.

How do i explain to little master & little man that what happened wasn't ok.

Becky+1 wrote:
my_little_blessings wrote:

Hubby was with our younger son keeping him away. He said he will speak to his father and tell him he has to say sorry to both of us.


To be honest i am not sure where you go from here but I don't think an apology is enough - so that would mean its ok to hit as long as you apologies afterwards - what message is that from your husapband, and to your sons?!?! - and I will bet a million bucks he hits yiur mil and your dh saw it when he was growing up - and so the cycle continues (and nopext with your boys)
You have to stop,this and not allow or condone this violence

I know FIL was a drunk when hubby was a kid, hubby said he doesn't remember his father hitting his mum at all.

Hubby has never hit me or the boys. I would hit back. Plus i have 2 big over protecting cousins who would fly from wa to qld if they had to.

Wow that is completely disgusting behaviour! Im sorry this happened to you and your son sad Me personally, i would cut them off completely but i hold grudges to the point where i dont speak to people ever again which probably isnt great. Good on you for not hitting back, that must have taken a great deal of self control!
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