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Inappropriate song lyrics? Or am I being a prude? Lock Rss

DSandAlien wrote:
1Princess+1Prince wrote:
"Blister in the Sun" by Violent Femmes....from memory its about getting stoned/high.

I HATE the Jonny Ruffo song....I'm in Heaven baby when I'm on top of you girl. Very obvious what hes singing about.

I was going to get DD the nickelodean kids cd for her birthday but saw that song was on there so now shes not getting it.

I remember years ago there was a DVD out of music videos called something like "hits for kids" and was aimed at young children (probably 6 and over) but one of the film clips on it was holly valance kiss kiss !?!? If I remember correctly half that video it looked like holly was naked.

One day we were out with DP's family and SIL and us were talking about the whistle song and how bad it was. Then MIL was like "what's wrong with whistling in a song?" Lol awkward
DP tried to explain to her that it was about dirty things but she still didn't understand.

Yes I fully rememeber holly valance and man what a s**t! The video clip whas more soft p**r

Well I didn't know that about turning japanese i just assumed it meant your started to get a japanese lady fetish LMAO.

Its a bit different but I remember watching a Two & a half men episode where 'Charlie Waffles' sings the bye bye boobies song and i used to sing it randomly (never in public lol) and then My darling (almost) 2 year old started singing it and even though i no longer sing it it's still her favourite song its the only thing she's remembered for a solid 6 months and regularly belts it out while we are out and about and now she is very clear so everyone knows what she's singing LMAO

Forever, for always and no matter what

Katy Perry's "Peacock" anyone???
"I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock,..."
and further on
"You've got the finest architecture,
end of the rainbow looking treasure
Such a sight to see, and it's all for me"

My kids love the song, and have to really quickly skip it when I'm playing the CD. Admittedly there are a few others on the CD they shouldn't listen to either, but more for the swearing.
I just picked the kids up and my 2 year old was singing "I see you baby, shaking that arse, shaking that arse". This is at school pick up time. My 5 year old says" oh mum, I think you should turn the radio off cause Elky is singing that rude song". I was in that much of a daze I didn't even notice.
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