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Older Children - Help needed!! Lock Rss

Hi, I know that these forums are primarily for little ones, but I know the majority of people also have older kids.
I wanted some advice. My eldest daughter is nearly 11 and the last few months it is like she has completely transferred into a new species. She is angry and moody, she gets really nasty and spiteful towards her younger sisters and when I try to pull her into line, I cop a mouthful of cheek.
She tells me she doen't wanna live me anymore, I am a horrible mother, I treat her sisters better and life sucks.
I've tried so many things to stop the behaviour but nothing seems to work. She makes all these promises that she's going to change but it never lasts.
I miss my little girl and just want things to calm down at home and be less stressful.

I work night shift, I am at uni full time, all the housework to do and now I am also pregnant again. I just want a happy house again.

Any advice would be very much appreciated, in regards to strategies that may work.

Thank you

Jenny xoxo

No advice, but plenty of commisserations-I know what you are going through!
Maybe you want to swap 1 moody pre teen girl with 3 moody pre teen boys??

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I'm sure it's just a phase...GOD I hope it is, cos I have a nearly 11 year old DD who is exactly the same! You could be describing my child! Right down to the promises to change, the jealousy over her sisters etc

I find it helps to ignore- meaning don't respond at all - the back chat, rudeness if you can, although it's so hard to bite my tongue sometimes. She tells me she doesn't know why she does it, she just gets so angry sometimes.

It has to be hormones kicking in. Surely. But then, my DD has always been a bit short tempered.

So basically, I have no idea either. Just wanted to say, hang in there....I'm right there with you!

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Well I only have little kids lol but i certainly remember being at that stage in my life although I was the youngest. I know how everything made me so bad and I just didn't know how to cope with it. Looking back now I reckon that maybe seeing a counsellor so I could get things off my chest and teach me how to cope with my anger would have helped a lot but being 11 (or 12,13,14,15 lol) I would never have asked for that. Is it a possibility that you could do something like that for her?

Good luck with it all and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it would be different for everyone but I was like that until I was 17and moved out of home and started to realise how easy you get it at home but unfortunately that is a while off for you.

good luck and let us know how your getting on

Forever, for always and no matter what

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