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Ideas for extra flavour to disguise packet cake mix Rss

I know there are thousands of you cake decoraters out there with some great tips.

Because I have to attend a birthday party, kitchen tea and hen's night all in one day, I cannot be bothered baking a chocolate mud cake (as requested) from scratch. So I have decided to purchase a chocolate mud cake mix from a cake store (they are supposed to be better than the ones in Woolies and Coles I have been told).

So I was wondering if any of you could give me any suggestions on what else I can add to make the cake mix to taste less like a packet cake and more like made from scratch. I am planning to use cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache and buttercream fondant.

Any ideas would be great, thank you:)
just wondering why you were told to make it from scratch?My neice has anaphalaxis (sp) and her eating a packet cake is a " risk" that I would not take.Trying to disguise the flavour could be dangerous in some cases but if its a "snob" factor then the suggestions here are good...

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

The cadburys packet cake is the least packet flavoured one. I used to make it into a blackforest cake and no one knew.

These days I find it quick and easy to make it from scratch anyway so I just do that. By the time I go to the shops to get the packet mix I could've had it in the oven anyway. Plus I can't eat packet food so if I want some it has to be from scratch! lol

The Macro choc mud cake mix from Woolies tastes nothing like a packet mix and is amazing

You could probably add some cherry essence and coconut to get a cherry ripe type outcome...or mint essence and peppermint crisp bars?

Or, buy a vanilla mud mix, add a tad more vanilla for flavour and then, add cocoa to a portion and swirl it together for a marble look?

You could also try substiuting milk for buttermilk and adding red colour to get it more like red velvet (maybe, again)!
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