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How to teach Lock Rss

a child that they are not going to win all the time?? My 5 year old DD cries if she doesn't win and it drives me nuts! She wants to play netball but I'm not keen to let her when she behaves like this. Yesterday I tried to teach her to play naughts and crosses and that dot game. (with the boxes and initials) She cried because she didn't win and then got more upset when I tried to explain that I won because I've played them lots and those wre her first tries. I'm not keen to just let her win all the time cos that isn't the way the world works. what should I do?
bump. any ideas?
oh so hard

we play loads of games at home, so i dont really have this problem.. she still gets a little huffy, but we are all quite competitive by nature & we all have little 'moments' if we dont win... she also gets huffy if she isnt first in line... first to the bathroom to brush her teeth, first to sit at the table... i'm sensing a pattern.. LOL.. maybe its an age thing cause my DD is 5 as well.

i would just keep playing games at home - play easy ones that she is good at & just make sure that she does win every now & then.

We dont promote a win all the time attitude at home either
My son and step daughter both did the same thing when they were 5 and 6. They started accepting that they don't always have to win when they were about 7.

Just keep at it. I didn't let them cheat and didn't pretend to let them win either. If they do a great job, don't cheat and don't win - then praise alot.

Team sports like Netball are actually great because they eventually realise that they have to help others so the whole team wins. Also my son didn't cry when his soccer team lost.

I'd be concerned if it continued after age 7.
Letting her participate in team sports with other kids her age will teach her how to have fun, accecpt defeat and learn to deal with life when things don't always go her way. She should quickly see that it is not the end of the world and that she has to keep at it to get better and win. The more she has to accecpt defeat in games/sport, the more she will enjoy a win and learn about effort and practice. Doing it with kids her age is great, because she is more likely to deal with it with her peers.
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