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I'm back! Any old mmbers around?!? Lock Rss

Hello All!
I have returned to the land of Huggies!
I left about 3 or so years ago, my forum name was Daisy.
Any old members still around???

I wasn't around then but welcome back anyway!
Why the return after so long? New addition to your family?

I'm kinda a old member, been on here for 4 years.
Don't remember you.
Welcome back.

Thanks all!

I have 2 beautiful daughters who are 6 and almost 5, and DH and I have decided to TTC number 3! It's been something we have been discussing for a few years but he was never really into the idea and was happy with 2, however a few months ago he said he wanted one more! So after discussing it a lot and going back and for with yes, then no, then yes again, we decided that if we were really happy with not having a 3rd child we wouldn't keep opening the discussion back up... It seems every time we say yes I get cold feet and over think it, then say no, then a few weeks later I'm umming and ahhing again lol so we said we don't seem to be 100% happy with out decision not to have another one so lets just go for it!
It's a lot harder to decide or plan on a baby than I thought lol! Both DD's were BIG surprises who we had fairly young and early in our relationship/marriage so technically this is the first baby we have planned lol!
I'm a bit scared and hesitant but another part of me is very excited lol! Hard to explain!
I never thought we would ever get to have another baby so perhaps I had already resigned to the fact that it was never going to happen, perhaps that's why I'm a bit scared? Who knows! I am going to the drs this morning to get my implanon taken out so I'm pretty nervous right now lol!

One way of taken the stress out of it is to say it happens when it happens.
All our kids are planned, i was more stress this time around and it took us nearly 5 months.

Just have fun trying.

Good luck with ttc #3 like I said to you, you dont regret the kids you have only the ones you dont.
Hi! I remember you! Exciting times ahead!!
I do remember you smile
Not sure if you remember me tho. My old name: kellee*n*olivia... I was very active on here back then- I've been a member for like 4.5years :-/

I'm really not on much at all now tho

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