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To those who buy advent calanders Lock Rss

Do you buy an advent calander for each child, or do you buy one and let the children take turns each day?

Boring and useless question I know, just trying to defend my position on the matter with another person wink
my kids get one each. less fighting over whos turn that way lol.

We do a mix of both. I have a wooden Christmas tree decoration that just happens to have 24 decorations to put on it so each day they alternate putting a new decoration on (and get to play with it through the day) but I also buy them an advent calendar each although we get ones with toys etc in them because DS can't have chocolate.

My boys have one each smile My youngest would get way too grumpy on the days that weren't his lol. They share their toys and clothes so I like them having some things to themselves.
I haven't bought the chocolate ones before but will be this year and I'll get them one each, I figure they are only a few dollars each so they may as well have one each smile

Forever, for always and no matter what

I'm a mean mummy by the looks of it.....

I always make mine share! I don't know why really, I think it was to teach them sharing and taking turns, especially around Christmas. Plus I always had to share one haha!!!!
I used to buy the chocolate ones and only ever bought one for the 2 girls to share. But last year I bought a wooden one in the shape of a tree with little drawers you can put things in and use again each year, and they will be sharing that too. I think that it's all part of learning to share and take turns. smile
They boys share one. I got one done with the family name & last year little master & i did it together. This year they will take it in turns to do it.

I'll get DS1 and DD one each.
We share our advent calendar but my son is only 18 months. I imagine when he's older he'd get his own.

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