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Phil and Teds Sport Pram Rss

I am after some guidence from anyone that has the Phil and Teds Sport model pram. I was given one from my sister in-law bout a year ago. I am expecting no.2 in around 3 months and have been given the second seat for the pram. Now I know from looking at the website that when you have a newborn the seat can go on the front where the bumper goes however I am not sure if I need a elbow joint type connection? The join just comes straight out so the seat wouldn't sit right!

You need the elbow hinges. They're $12 on the Phil & Teds website smile

Oh fantastic smile thank you so much
Spiritedmummy wrote:
Oh fantastic smile thank you so much

You're welcome. I got given one too and it's missing the same part smile

smile they are a great pram
I have this pram too, the elbow joint came in the box with the second seat when I bought it so I would double check you don't already have the elbow joints first somewhere. I love me Phil & Ted.

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