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bump pic! Lock Rss

Just thought i would quickly share my first bump pic!

heres a pic of this pregnancy (left) compared to last pregnancy (right)

smile x
Cute thanks for sharing smile
Cute nice to see you back hun smile hows your pregnancy going?
Like the new profile pic to smile.

Teeny bump! My tummy looks like that without being pregnant! smile

lol thankyou ladies haha, yes im alot smaller this time round, but the symptoms are ALOT stronger!

but besides the intense morning sickness and fatigue im doing pretty well.. smile
Hi Hun,

Good to see your back. Gorgeous bump very different from your first. I just got your PM im sorry you've had horrid morning sickness i had that with DD to it was more like all day sickness actually. How far along are you now??? grin grin grin
Gorgeous bump hun grin hope ur going ok despite the morning sickness and general exhaustion xx

thanks hun smile yea my morning/midday/afternoon/midnight sickness is killer this around sad im even taking the tablets and everything for it!
im creeping up on the 12week mark now! it seems to be flying by xx
Congrats on the cute new bump! (I missed your announcement smile ).

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Cute bump smile Can't believe how much smaller you are this time around, i always thought it was the other way around!

I missed your announcement too, so congrats on the pregnancy smile Hope your MS fades when you hit 12 weeks...

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