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Guess what... I'm pregnant!!

Just got off the phone to the doctor and my hcg blood result was 216, which is apparently very good for 4 weeks!

So excited and so hoping it's a nice sticky baby!

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Congrats !!!! smile
Oh wow! great news ! smile All the best and hope it's a sticky one for you smile Congrats!

congratulations! Best wishes for the next 8 months or so.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

OMG hun that's wonderful CONGRATULATION'S grin grin grin grin Hope it's a sticky one grin grin grin
Congratulations! Best wishes smile
YAY!!! Congratulations smile Hope you have an easy, fast and boring pregnancy!

YAY!! That is awesome grin. Congratulations, all the best for the rest of your pregnancy. I'm so happy for you. xx
I'm super excited but now I have to hold out a whole week for a follow up blood test to make sure the levels are rising nicely!! I can't believe it, but already have baby's life planned out for him/her!!

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Sending some sticky dust your way grin

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Congrats skubs! grin

Congrats! Another mini-Skub!!!

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