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Taking baby to the Osteopath? Lock Rss

Just interested to know if anybody on here has taken their bub to Osteopath, did it help and why? smile
Took my 6month boy yesterday as he has been having ear infections and he massaged him and felt around, he told me the main problem ear (and was right about which one) he also said his diaphragm was a bit hunched up. Overall healthy but was definitely worth the $40 and my boy had a 3hour nap today so i'm hoping its helped improve his sleep too
I haven't personally (no children, yet!) but my aunty and my friend have. My Aunty for her unsettled baby, he would cry all the time in the car etc. Fixed him up within 3 sessions I believe. Friends baby was very difficult, and the osteopath said it was because of his difficult birth (he got stuck) Osteo realigned him and "rebirthed" him, and it really helped him, too.

I've taken my baby twice now. she is only 4 1/2 weeks.
Rebecca was born by emergence c-section due to getting stuck and her heart rate going up.
She was very unsettled and unable to bring up her wind before going.
There was a massive difference with her wind and much more settled. The Ostyo also said she had a small mouth and that would be causing problems with feeding. He has worked on this as well. after the first session her feeding went backwards but after the second she was much better, just a little clingy and need to be with me for the day.

I would recommend it to anyone especially if you had a c section.

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