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I did my DS n DD but only cos with 14mths between them, I had him still in a bath ring (so he couldn't walk in the bath!) and she was down the other end with me in the bath cradle! Then I'd get her out and dress her while he finished playing and pop her in her swing or to bed in the bassinet So I could dress him smile

I do now, dd4 is 4mths and have been bathing her in the normal bath for about a mth now. Usually bath her with either her 2yr old sis or 5yr old sis. Have bathed altogether a few times but to stressful. Oldest is 5.

I've never bathed my dd's together. Usually I will give dd2 a bath 1st and then put her to bed then dh will give dd1 a shower. I find it hard enough to bath dd2 as she is so heavy and my back is stuffed. smile

Yup I did. Well ds1 wasn't actually a toddler he was nearly 5... Ds2 would have been 8 weeks old when they started bathing together, we tried earlier but he pood in the bath EVERY time lol. They still bath together every night now and ds1 is 6 and ds2 is 18 months old smile
Yes I did and my 3 sons just have a bath altogether now and yes they were alil rough but boys will be boys and it didnt bother my newborn to get e few splashs here and there from his brothers
What an interesting read. Something I have never considered as Bub#2 will be here at xmas. I think DS will be thrilled to share his bath. We showered our newborn for the first few mths. Was easier for me as I had a c/s and then another surgery 6 wks after that. I guess we shall just see how things turn out

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

I bath my 4year old and baby together but the baby has always been in some sort of bath seat. First the lay down kind and then at 5months to the sit up kind...still in the sit up kind at 9.5months just to keen him secure even though he has been sitting unaided since 5months.

They love their bath time together!! And are fine together as I don't leave them at all

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