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Was your BABY Born Bald or Full head of hair???? Lock Rss

I just had my second baby and she has a full head of hair (About 10cm in length). Everyone is always commenting which is nice smile My first was a hairy one too, so it just seems normal for me to have children with full hair... How long before your bub got a full head of hair???
Mine were both born with a light smattering of dark hair, them most of it fell out then grew back slightly lighter
mine were pretty bald until well after their first birthdays, probably about 18+ months. DD has had 2 haircuts in her life (she's 5!) and DS hasn't actually had a hair cut yet (he's 2.5), although he's finally getting to the point of needing one soon.

Then again, my sisters and I were all baldy babies etc too so it wasn't a big surprise smile

I have bald babies laugh

DD didn't really have hair until about 16 months and DS hmm probably around 12 months lol they had hair but it was sooo fair and there wasn't much of it grin

The midwife said my DD had "professor hair" hahaha. It was really thin & fuzzy on top & longer around the sides smile
DD was born with a nice amount of hair, it covers her haid but isn't hugely thick. Its almost red in colour too, i love that smile
I was surprised she had so little hair though, both me and my sister were born with huge mops of the darkest black hair, so thats what i was expecting....

My DS was born with very little hair and quite light. It never really fell out, and hasn't really grown! smile smile And DS is 19 months!
I actually had my 3.5 year old nephew ask me the other day if DS will ever grow anymore hair! smile smile
All three of mine were born with black hair which seems to be a theme in dh's side. All have considerably lighter hair now, though I'm a little sad none of them have the same white blond hair I had. Ds2 is the closest and at least he has great natural blond highlights that everyone loves. Ds1 had the funniest hair as a baby because his black hair was quickly replaced on top but stayed black for ages around the bottom on the back and sides. It made him look like he had a really bad toupee!

My first was born with a little bit of strawberry blonde hair on the top. Some of it fell out but it grew back sometime before her first birthday the same colour smile

My second was born with short dark brown hair which fell out & took ages to grow more hair but it grew back blonde smile Mine did the same thing & I was blonde until around 6 yo, then I started going dark again.
my DS was born with hardly any hair, just a little bit of blonde hair about 1cm long if that. he is 16weeks now and it has grown but not by much maybe 1 1/2cm - 2cm long now.

My daughter was born with a couple of centimetres of light brown hair all over, unfortunately she lost it all and is only just starting to get hair back now... and she's 17 months old lol. I think she'll be one of those kids who don't need a hair cut until her second birthday

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All 4 of my dds were born bald. DD1 had her first haircut b4 starting kindy, she has really curly hair lol. DD2 had her first hair cut when she was 3, has straight hair. DD3 is nearly 2 1/2 and barely has any hair! Has nearly enough for a little pony tail on top lol.

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