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Photo and birth story - warning may be tmi for some Lock Rss

oh yay!! well done chikkie - she's gorg & Mr B looks proud as punch!!

welcome to the crazy world Evie <3

Congrats, she is gorgeous! Love the pic of her and your DS, very cute.

Congrats Nai, thanks for sharing. You have two gorgeous little kids there smile
Well done nai. You did an amazing job and your kids are beautiful!!!! smile's me..Blee wink

Congrats again Hun! Sooo glad u got ur VBAC wish and that she's finally here happy and healthy smile she's beautiful! N ur DS looks so proud grin hope ur all settling well after her arrival xx

Gosh well done! That sounds exhausting and amazing. Your wee girl is just gorgeous smile

Wow what a birth story Nai. I'm even more proud of you now. I saw last week on One Born Every Minute a baby with it's shoulder stuck. It was one of the scariest birth stories I had ever seen. Well done again on the VBAC. smile. Your ds and Evie are both gorgeous. smile

Woo thanks for sharing! Congratulation! So happy for you all smile

congrats on your vbac. you have two very gorgeous kiddies. smile

You did such an awesome job Nai grin
Your kiddies are just adorable - I just want to squeeze Evie's little cheeks!!

I can't remember if you mentioned how much she weighed?
Congratulations Nai. You're amazing! You held in there & like you said "it's all worth it in the end". Your children are so cute! Evie looks like such a little darling - making me clucky. I don't understand, they say it gets easier once you've had your first - yea right!?!

No way! My dd was 3.706 kg and 51 cm upon birth too. She was also posterior - they do take time. I'm just so happy for you. Finally holding your baby girl in your arms. Awww . . . so sweet.

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