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So before falling pregnant with bubba boy number 3 I said that that was it hoping we'd get a girl of having 2 DS's. I was a little upset at first but then got over it by the next day. And after the birth of DS3 and the horrible labour and his size after having 2 8lb 1oz babies going to a 9lb 5 1/2oz I said I'd never do it again. But now I keep dreaming of having another little bubba and that it's a girl. I've spoken to hubby about it but he doesn't want anymore at all and we had spoken about him getting the snip. I don't know how I would go with having 4 little people to look after and I'm sure there would be stressful times etc. I know these feelings are probably normal and I think to myself that even if we did go back that there is a possibly of having another boy whom I would love to the ends of the earth. I said to hubby that I wanted to wait a year or so before trying again but he still isn't keen.

I guess you need to ask yourself, would you be excited to have a 4th boy? As there are no guarantee way of getting a girl.

I'd give it some time and if you feel the same maybe bring it up with hubby again?

I think its sensible what you said about waiting a while and seeing how you feel then. I also understand the want for a little girl, but as PP said you need to see how you feel about a 4th boy too as it could go either way- as you well know!- and if you do have a 4th boy will that longing for a daughter still exist? And would you want to try again??! There is no rush for hubby to get the big V is there? I think reassess in 1 months and go from there. All the best to you hun, I hope you make the best decision for you and your family x
i agree with the others, wait a year and talk to hubby again and see how he feels then. also you have to consider how would you feel having a 4th boy.

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