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Poor Freddie Lock Rss

I took this photo of my dog, Fred, with DD today smile Hope the pic isn't too big. I'm posting off my phone.

Nawww what a gorgeous photo! smile though Freddie doesn't look too pleased about her choice of 'seat' lol tongue
And your DD is giving the 'oh I'm so innocent' look too lol. Such a cutie!

awwwww thats super cute smile

Aw what a gorgeous photo smile Your DD is beautiful!
Aww. Beagles are the best dogs with kids. My brother has one and the boys love it....though he's probably glad when they go home laugh

Awww what a cute photo even though your dog doesn't seem impressed. smile

And this is why I'm a dog lover. So beautiful and tolerant, though he looks a bit exasperated

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Yes, he is so good with her and takes so much. He barely blinked when she sat on him and sort of rolled his eyes when she bounced on him laugh I also have 2 Tenterfield Terriers and they tolerate quite a bit but not as much as Fred does smile Its good because that dog has cost me a fortune so now he's paying for himself! He's a great babysitter too! If she is cranky and I'm trying to do something, then he will keep her occupied while I finish what I'm doing smile

Nawww they're both too cute!! My dd does that to my poor old siamese cat!!! He owes me too!! grin's me..Blee wink

what a beautiful moment to catch on film, so gorgeous. smile smile smile
I also took this pic. She's giving him kisses smile

Sal&MissBeau wrote:
I also took this pic. She's giving him kisses smile

Nawww that's beautiful!!! grin and he even looks a bit happier too tongue
Cute!! Perfect happy family snaps smile

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