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Made me sick :( Lock Rss

Oh Dazz, that is disgraceful and extremely upsetting. Was it filmed over there or here? What kind os person does this. let alone films it and then puts it on the internet? who does this to a defenceless little baby? Makes me so upset and angry. Poor little thing sad
I know the video you're talking about it sickens me. I too couldn't believe someone could tape this happening so I did some research, the lady filming had witnessed similar abuse before she had no proof previously, so she filmed the video to show the abuse this poor baby was victim of, as soon as she taped the video she took the it to the police and the 'mother' was imprisoned for between 14 and 18 months I can't remember the exact sentence she recieved.
The baby was also placed in foster care and I'm pretty sure the other children were too.
Well my understanding was that it happened pretty regularly and if the person filming stopped then the police wouldn't have seen the severity of the abuse and that baby might still be in that home or even worse sad
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