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Today i joined my kids up for swimming lessons through Royal Life savers and 2 of them had their very first lesson smile

My 1yr can't walk on land but when it comes to water he was like a fish, splashing kicking even tried blowing bubbles smile i was so excited

Mr 3yr wasn't so impressed and clung to his big brother lol but i'm sure with a few more lessons will get the hang off it and build some confidence smile As for the bigger 2 they both have had swimming lesson so that helps

Sorry just need to share todays excitement smile

Wow how exciting starting swimming lesson's, i would love to start my DD with swimming she's 8 month's so i dont think that's to young plus she love's the water so probably something i diffinatley should look into.

Im sure your little 3yr man will begin to love swimming after a few lesson's than you wont be able to get him out smile smile smile
Swim lessons are loads of fun. As u say it takes a while to build there confidence.

I started my son at 6 months and we go once a week. He loves it. He can now go under water and be pushed over to me. It's such a great thing to be apart of to watch them grow.
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