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Anyone else have a Burmese cat? Lock Rss

Omg I want to cut my cats voice box out laugh laugh

The little son of a gun has the most god awful annoying meow you have ever heard!! It wouldn't be so bad if he meowed for a reason but there is never a reason LOL he will be snuggling you then just start harping on or if he realises he's in a room without human company he starts up! The worst is at night time, I never know if it's DS crying or the damn cat laugh

No point to this post really grin

Jas smile wrote:
My mum has two burmese cats. Both completely different characters, one is a fiesty b*tch and the other is very affectionate who likes to meow in a weird tone laugh

Lol I remember you saying your mum has Burmese cats grin

Our one is super affectionate, too affectionate actually! He has no issues sleeping on the kids and smooching them and getting dragged around and at night he sleeps in our bed... Under the covers laugh laugh

He is such a great cat, it's just his meow that's the problem, it's so loud and whiny and annoying hahaha

Jas smile wrote:
By the way, just looked at your ticker and your pregnancy is dragging laugh I thought your ready to pop already! tongue

Ahaha yeah it is dragging, I feel like I'm already 41 weeks preg!! Ugh pretty scared about giving birth again actually so it can drag out a bit longer grin

Jas smile wrote:
laugh This is another reason why I don't want kids close in age, so I can forget what the birth was like before going through it again tongue
You have a good memory for remembering that! Didn't know I mentioned it before laugh Our cat hardly ever meows thank god grin
How old is your cat?

Haha I never planned to have DS and this bub close together, I didn't expect to get pregnant straight away! Would have preferred about 3yrs gap again but never mind, a bit late for that now laugh I remember giving birth to DS like it happened yesterday and I can still 'feel' the pain when I think about it!!

Lucky you have a quiet cat, I wish we did lol he is 9 months old now, I'm going to get his balls cut off next week I think, see if that helps the situation grin

Its the same with all oriental cats! I've got a siamese, sounds like shes being tortured when she miaows! I didn't realise how loud she was until I heard a normal cat miaow lol
Desexing them doesn't change anything unfortunately: (
We have an old siamese and he's the same!! Never a reason either lol... drives me mad!!'s me..Blee wink


We actually breed Ragdoll cat's and they can be quite vocal sometime's also. Particulary when they're in season the female's are shocking. When a male cat isn't de-sexed and the hormone's kick in unfortunately he will call constantly until he mate's, and than once that's over he'll start again. Desexing would be your best hope, but as a PP has said it could be just his personality and he love's talking, plus they are a vocal breed.
I used to have a Burmese, the sounds weren't the problem, but she was a stubborn, cheeky mischievous little thing. And so clever. I trained her to fetch. They are a beautiful breed.

My mum used to have a Siamese, and she had the most awful meow, but didn't use it much though.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Glad my cat isn't the only noisy one lol he really is such a darling and has the most beautiful personality, it's just his meow that's the problem! Think I'll put him in for desexing next week, I was talking to his breeder this morning and she thinks that will help him so we will see! Unfortunately for my cat he isn't going to get laid anytime soon because he's not allowed outdoors unless I'm supervising him laugh

I'm so grateful we only got one Burmese though, we almost bought one of his brothers too, I don't think we have enough love to share around with the way our little guy needs it grin

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