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what do you put in school lunch boxes Lock Rss

i know the year is almost over but i was hoping to find some ideas for next year and perfect my cooking skills...

at the moment they get
a sandwich (they choose cold meat and cheese or if its an off pay week they get jam or vegemite or cheese)
an LCM
a Ktime twist
An apple bar
a cheese and cracker pack
and a piece of fruit (usually an apple but may be a banana or an orange)

as you can see these are all store bought items and i would love to make some home made goodies for them next year as ds 2 will be in prep and i will only have ds 3 at home

My kids get:
A sandwich or roll
LCM bar
Muesli bar
Rice crackers
Kabana and cheese
Occasionally they will have a cake etc but the school has a strict healthy eating policy and would prefer they don't have those type of things.
My kids get a variety of the following

Sandwich or roll
Fruit-banana, apple, strawberries, melon, grapes, orange, just whatever I buy that week
Baking-piklets, scones, biscuits, muffins, slices, cake, just whatever I've baked that week
Rice cakes/rice wheels
Boiled egg
Cut up carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes

That's all I can think of for now smile my oldest who is in school usually gets a sandwich/roll, 2 pieces of fruit then a couple of the other things I've listed.
Sandwich or wrap
Something homemade like a muffin.
In summer I'll get some small boxes of v8 juice and freeze them for lunch boxes too.
Do you only want school lunchs or daycare??

I'll give you what DD used to get at daycare.

Morning tea- fruit salad (whatever fruit i had at the time)
and a home made squeezy yoghurt of fruit (you can buy pouches to fill your own at

Sandwich sushi or Cucumber,cheese,meat and capsicum in a bowl together (i guess like a salad)

Afternoon tea-
Homemade cheese bikkies, carrot sticks and hummus, homemade slices etc

Forever, for always and no matter what

thanks ladies!! my kids are just getting bored with their lunches so i will try to add a few things from your lists... although i dont think the yoghurt will be added... the kids and dh wont leave it in the fridge for more than a day or two lol

I use cookie cutters to cut their sandwiches, it makes it fun for them to eat.
I usually put Ham and cheese which is her favorite
an apple
a couple of half kiwifruit with a small spoon
small Yoghurt
Rice crackers or dry briskets
and a banana or carrots
depend on her day, she helps me make her lunch box..
and sometimes i sneak a couple of m&ms scattered inside so she can look for it and have a quick nibble haha
(her kindy dont allow sweets or any sugary fillings in sandwiches as well and iced or chocolate biskets, so i like to put like two peices of M&Ms inside her lunchbox and she always eats it, i can just imagine her big eyes when she sees it in her lunch box and quickly eating it) usually when i pick her up from kindy she will be like 'muuuum you put lollie in my lunchbox' and i start laughing she says to me she likes my surprises...
Popcorn is a good one, my DD loves when I pack that...
Fruit bar
Museli bar
Carrot sticks
Frozen yoghurt so it's defrosted by lunch but still cold
Tiny teddies
Blueberry muffins

And that's about it lol she's fussy about what she will eat so I mix it up with those foods smile

This website has lunchbox planners and recipe ideas. You can download a pdf with a sample

I have her two cookbooks and they are brilliant!

This is all the different stuff DS1 has for kindy:

Sandwiches with either ham and cheese or honey/marmite/jam
Fruit, either an apple or banana
Muesli bar or baked bar
Tiny teddies or scooby snacks
Baking like cookies or cake if I've done any

I'm going to have to start adding some variety because he'll be going 5 days a week next year and it'll be boring him having the same things everyday smile
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