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Spelling names correctly, important or no? Lock Rss

Just wondering if it's just me who gets annoyed when people who should know better spell children's names incorrectly?
Neither name is difficult or has any extra vowels etc. But every year MIL spells their names wrong. Even though she receives cards with their names on them. This year I wrote on her christmas card and spelled the girls names in block letters and underlined them. Hopefully that will clear things up BTW - Shes not that old or senile, I think she just does it to annoy me, or she doesn't care.

I remember as a child getting annoyed when people spelt my name incorrectly. Maybe it's just me
People always spell my name wrong and my sisters lol it makes us so angry especially when it's a family member or someone that has your name there in front of them!

That's what I would think too
YES!! I hate this. My SISTER spells my son's name wrong and it drives me nuts. He doesn't have an unusual or rare name - it's a common name and we spelt it the traditional way.

For example I'll text her to say me and my son are coming over or something (using his name) and she'll reply back and use his name straight after reading my text and spell it wrong. ARGGGHHH. It really annoys me. I made an effort to know how to spell her kid's names. If they are your nieces and nephews it really shouldn't be that hard! I don't mind if it's a stranger or something....but his own aunty COME ON!

We tend to shorten DD1's name because MIL began calling her a different version of her name, so it sounded like the name of her car. I couldn't stand listening to it so it started getting shortened.
I agree! I spell my Beca differently to my Rebecca, and I think it's really rude to not pay attention to how people spell their names or childrens names! I always check!

Yup! My DS1s name is spelt different to the traditional way and it really irritates me when friends and family we've known for ages spell it wrong, especially when it's right in front of them! I always have to spell my name because the first letter is not the norm to how it's usually spelt but I'm used to it by now smile
Close family members should spell names correctly. Teachers doing report cards should spell names correctly. If your kid has a slightly different or unusual name then I don't think you can get offended at friends and other people getting the spelling wrong

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I've tried giving her photos with their names printed on the
Every time she is given a card I underline their names and write them in capitals. If she does it again ill be including a note with an explanation of how to spell them.

I don't care if she doesn't like how I spell them, that's the way they are spelt deal with it
I think auntys/uncles/grandparents should get it right. that said I spelt my own name wrong the other day

Our son is Lachlan and so many people spell it wrong!
Spelling is defiantly not my strong suit but I try extra hard for names of relatives and friends. I'm dyslexic so letters around the wrong way is really easy.

I thought this might give everyone a laugh, my uncle who we didn't see much gave me a new name altogether on a Christmas card. I became Karren instead of Kate. Then when he was reading out the names of my grandfathers children and grand children my grandfathers funeral he left my name out. Makes me laugh, so I wasn't particularly offended, just a case of being forgotten middle child lol.

Good luck to DD when she goes to school, traditionally spelt first name but so many different ways to spell it and a surname that you always have to spell out for people even though its spelt phonetically.
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